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The Kaday Aung Hotel offers first-class, warm service with comfort and taste at attractive prices. Kaday Aung Hotel is located in Bagan and has an outdoor pool and lush green garden. Situated on the Aeyarwaddy River, this quiet family hotel offers excellent value for money. Aung Kaday Hotel Hotel City: Situated on the Aeyarwaddy River, this quiet family hotel offers excellent value for money.

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Main occupants must be at least 18 years of age to check into the hotel. Visitors must present a photocopy of ID at check-in. If you book directly at the hotel, we need your bank account information to ensure your reservation.

Reservation confirmations depend on the hotel's approval of your hotel payment order. Room rates include the surcharges valid for kids. Earlier check-in or later checkout is dependent on hotel availabilities and may be invoiced by the hotel. Default check-in is 2 pm and default checkout is 12 am.

You will receive a hotel e-mail confirming your reservation. If you want to arrive early or leave the hotel later, you can go directly to the hotel. Room rates do not cover the cost of additional amenities (such as room amenities, minibar, snack or telephoning).

This is calculated at checkout. Room rates include the cost of an additional adult cot. The user has to reimburse the cancellation/modification fees for each up-date. Changes in reservations depend on the hotel's availablility and changed reservation policies. Costs of cancellation/modification are included and any waivers are at the hotel's sole discretion. 2.

Every e-coupon rebate on the initial reservation expires upon reversal or change.

Aung Kaday Hotel - Trip Myanmar

If you are a traveler or a traveler, the Bagan Umbra Hotel is a good option for accommodations when you visit Bagan. Just 2.2 km from the town centre, the hotel's strategically located position allows visitors to quickly and simply access many sights. Located near some of the most famous sights such as Ananda Temple, Tharabar Gate and the Golden Palace of Bagan.

Situated on the Aeyarwaddy River, this tranquil hotel for families provides excellent value for your investment. Kaday Aung Hotel is situated in the Kyansittha district of New Bagan, 15 minutes by car from the international airports. The old Bagan and its archaeological artifacts are within easy reach on foot. It also has a large private outdoor and indoor pools and amenities.

Reserve your room at Kaday Aung Hotel now using our safe on-line reservation process.

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