Kadan Island Burma

The Kadan Island of Burma

Kyun is in Myanmar. The name Mergui was given by the British to the southernmost part of Burma. The first stop is the fish farming area around Kadan Island, which is called King Island.

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The Harris Island Day Tour

When you have enjoyed your breakfasts at the guesthouse, the island guides will meet you in your guesthouse at 7:15 am. You will be sent to the Myeik Jetty named Seik Nge Jetty and the speedboat will leave the harbour at 8:00 am. On the way you can breath refreshing mountain breeze and relax in the Andaman Sea.

The first stop is the fishing area around Kadan Island, which is known as King Island. They can see groupers, bass, stonefish, which can be found around rocks, and see how the peasants are living on the farm, what they are feeding for the groupers, how they do it.

Do not hesitate to ask your tourist guides if you have any further queries. When someone wants to grill on the shore, you can buy pisces on the ranches with your own bag. Observing the pisciculture we drive to the Marcus Island Estate, where there are showers and dining facilities.

On Marcus Island, lunch is taken with the islanders' warm welcome and a cute smile. They can go for walks on the beaches, sunbathe, swim and snorkel in the clear waters of the ocean. We' ll also stop on Thameehla (Beautiful Daughter) Island for a swim, snorkelling in the crystalline waters, taking pictures and taking showers in the freshwater (the freshwater can be less in the winter season).

We return to the town around 5:30 pm and then you will be sent to your accommodation by a motorist and a tourist escort.

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