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The Irrawaddy River, sometimes called "The Road to Mandalay", must be one of the most fascinating rivers in the world. Across Burma and the Malay Peninsula. Whenever you travel in Burma, you are only a few steps away from a temple. But in a way, you have to adapt to these things, don't you think? So far, how many trips have you made to Myanmar (Burma)?

Myanmar River Cruise | Just You

The Irrawaddy River, sometimes called "The Road to Mandalay", must be one of the most enchanting streams in the game. Just-You, the UK individual traveler' s expert, recently started an exlusive ocean liner tour for its independents.

Like all our vacations, there is no surcharge," says Alicia Welsman, Just You's Senior Product Manager. Every time we go on a trip, we take charge of everything, all food, beverages and entertainments are included," Alicia added. Just You's Irrawaddy cruiser flies from London to Yangon and spends their first days discovering Burma's capitol, whose skin is overshadowed by the Shwedagon Pagoda.

The next stop where the RV Kalaw Pandaw, charters exclusive for Just You customers, is Mandalay. The cruise on the Douro with its six-day Portuguese Douro cruise, the unique Venice cruise on the Venetian Seine, France's six-day cruise through the Seine Valley and Paris and the Danube with the five-day imperial cities of the Danube.

Onboard are all food, beverages and land trips onboard.

1st day - UK to Yangon

After that we take a break to see Kandawgyi Park in Kandawgyi Lake, where we take a look at the elaborate Karaweik Hall, a breathtaking replica of a regal ship. Mandalay is a window to the nineteenth centuries arts and crafts with the ruins of the old imperial city and many convents, and we will be flying here this early bird's eye view this mornings.

We have an early beginning to see Mandalay's lively early bird markets. Then we will traverse the Ayeyarwady River to Sagaing Hill, the Burma's intellectual center. During our way back we stop in the town of Kan Daw, where indigenous teams of family members make textile and the ethnic costume of the Bongyi. After sunset, take a cruise on the beautiful lakeside from where you will see memorable pictures of the day.

We will end the evening with a meal in a typical regional eatery. Bagan, known as the "city of four thousand pagodas", is our goal after a dawn of discovery. We start with a walk along the Irrawaddy River to a small village fair. The Nyaung Oo Markt is the place where the natives sell new products and other goods, and we will try this before we go to the Ananda Temple with its distinctive golden towers and golden Buddha pictures - and arrive in front of the other visitors so that we can quietly savour its gorge.

We continue to a country convent where we take part in a traditionally Buddhistic ritual. We arrive at Inle Lake by a brief plane ride. Today you will take a stroll through a small hamlet and have the opportunity to get together with the inhabitants. The Nyaung Shwe is a small city at the entrance to Inle Lake.

On a leisurely ride through scenic landscapes, we take a motor boat for a beautiful ride in this beautiful fresh watershed, which is 900 meters aboveseas. We will see the amazing fishing techniques of the locals and the unbelievable swimming garden - isles of weeds and aquatic hyacinths where vegetable is sown.

Sagar, in the extreme south of the sea, is one of the most uncharted places by visitors. We will also see how the village people make paddy wines, which you can taste if you wish, before driving to Sae Khaung Pottery Village to see the handcraft. We will also get to know Burma's amazing buddhistic rites by our local guide during our tour, before ending our days with a lavish goodbye meal with local cuisine.

It' good timing for a trip this mornin' to collect last-minute memorabilia before our return to the UK on the 12th of the month.

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