Jungle Curl


Discover the "JUNGLE CURL CAT" board on Pinterest. Jungle curl is a cross between one: High-Land Lynx cats were developed by crossing two existing breeds - Desert Lynx cats and Jungle Curls. Jungle Curl is an experimental hybrid between Jungle Cat or Chausie and American Curl or Hemingway Curl. Chausie also known as Jungle Curl, Stone Cougar, Mountain Cougar) is a mixture of the domestic cat (Felis silvestris catus) and the Jungle Cat (Felis chaus).

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Highlander (also known as Highlander Shorthair and Highland Lynx) is an innovative cattery.... The Highlander's distinctive look comes from the conscious crossing between the Desert Lynx and the Jungle Curl cats. This last one has some foreign ancestors of two Asiatic small cats, the Leo and the Jungle cats, which makes the Highlander nominal a kittenhybride, although its basic population is mainly house cats.

Close-up of the face of a Highlander, with wavy eyes and striking expression. Highland male pussycat. Highland male pussycat with poly-dactyl feet. Close-up of a poly-dactyl foot found in some Highlanders. Highlander kittens. 4 month old with poly-dactyl feet.

The Jungle Curl is the right cat breed for you?

This Jungle Curl is not quite as fierce as the name suggests, but it' s closer. Designed with the hopes of making a cats with a savage appearance, an effusive but gentle character and clearly wavy-ear. They are the results of a crossing between the jungle cats ("Chausie", a jungle cat) and an American Curl, Highland Lynx or Hemingway Curl.

Today most Jungle Curls are many generation away from the jungle cats, with crossbreeding to races like the Bengal, Serengeti or Abyssinians, and are regarded as completely homely. The" curl" in the name Jungle Curl relates to the unusually twisted or" wavy" ear of the cats, a characteristic which it inherits from the home side of its hybridstick.

Curvature of the hearing may be light, or the tip may curl all the way around to contact the back of the hearing. Jungle Curl is a bigger kitten with a long and slender cradle. Jungle Curl's tails can have a medium to full length, and a cocktail is not recommended in this race.

Jungle Curl's distinctive feature are the eyes that roll away from the face. Crimping can range from slightly to a point that retreats all the way to the back of the head. They are slightly smaller than normal and can be clumps.

Jungle Curl can have long or longhairs. Jungle Curl is an ingenious and loving cats. The Jungle Curl is vigorous, cheerful and unafraid and likes to play and interact with its owners. You live on attentiveness, and a solitary and dull jungle curl can be creative and devastating!

The jungle curl should not be free for their own security and the security of game.

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