Junction Square Yangon

Crossing Square Yangon

The Junction Square is easily accessible from all over Yangon City. "It's probably the best mall in Yangon so far. Yangon's trendiest shopping mall is worth a moocher for fashion and other things.

Crossing place - crossing center

Junction Square, opened in 2012, is a pioneering center manager that is redefining the contemporary, fashionable Myanmar shopper lifestyles. Situated on Kyun Taw Road with easy Pyay Road entrance, Junction Square is easy to reach from anywhere in Yangon City. JUNGCLEAR Square provides a large selection of high value consumer goods such as brand name clothing, home style items, IT and portable accessoires, various grocery and beverage stores, as well as consumer goods and consumer goods such as supermarkets, banks, travelling and currency-exchanges.

You can spend your free day with your friends and colleagues in the play area or the open-air pool or watch the latest films in our JCGV run multi-plex cinemas. The Junction Square has an area of 305,000 square meters with 270 stores. Secret-Garden, our latest food plan, provides both global and relaxed dinner experiences for different gusto.

If you are interested in delicatessen, japonese food, korea food or just a nice glass of milk tea, you will be overjoyed. With over 7.3 million buyers a year, Junction Square presents an exceptional center style and world-class service that provides buyers with a great shoppingmalling-environment.

JUNGCREATIVE Shopping Centre | Yangon Life

Biggest and newest in Yangon. Yangon's biggest and newest retail center, will open in March 2012 with 270 stores, 3 movie theaters and 400 car parks. It is a favourite place for family to stroll around the windows and get air-conditioned. It was recently the newest and one of the most visited commercial centres.

It' s a really big place to park, but I never get enough room for it when I leave.

JUNCTUTION SQUARE - shopping mall

Several kitchens in the kitchen and in the backyard. Fashions for the young, cinema & restaurant in the attic. There are some good eateries in the area, so keep your receipt to get free access to the free ticket at the shopping mall/parking lot across the 3rd tier brigde.

High-class commercial center with helicopter landing pad in front of the commercial center. There' are a few top class eateries that can try. You can try out the meal-course in many places. The MoshiMoshi store sorted japanesese-style is very comfortable and you can basically get very good qualitiy telephone cover like the iPhone 5s grade 3 and other latest mobile phones have.

I think the center's okay as a visitor. It' like the Tropicana Malls in Malaysia. As I can get your telephone number, please send me a square number. It' probably the best arcade in Yangon so far. Large Yangon Malls.

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