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The name Junction City is the name of several places in the United States of America: The Country- Myanmar-city - Yangon. Junction City, Myanmar's newest world-class integrated retail center, has opened a prominent flagship store. You can download the perfect pictures of the intersection city, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma). Integrate shopping into your Junction City tour in Myanmar, with details such as location, times, ratings and evaluations.

The Junction City Shopping Centre opens today

The Junction City Shopping Centre on the intersection of Bogyoke Street and Shwedagon Pagoda Street in the township of Pabedan is today inaugurated. More than 50 percent of the businesses are open. At a press briefing in the Junction City Tower on Wednesday, all businesses will be open until the end of May.

The center has over 240 stores, among them fashion stores, diners and theaters. The Junction City Tower is 23 stories high and 33,400 m² in area. With a total investment of $300 million, the joint venture will be implemented by Shwe Taung Development Co, Ltd, Keppel Land Company, Pan Pacific Hotels Groups and YCDC. Stage 1 of this development comprises the Junction City Shopping Center, the Junction City Office Tower and the Pan Pacific Hotel Yangon, which is scheduled for completion this year.

Stage 2 comprises residential office buildings, a multi-storey garage and an underground garage, which will be finished in 2019. The YCDC approved the former business owner after the restructuring of the new Bogyoke store.

Beginning of the end? Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar (Burma)

The one thing I really liked about Myanmar was the absence of the "big" businesses you see on your trips - Starbuck, MacDonalds, Burger King, Costa, Pizza Hut and so on. When I last visited Myanmar in 2015, I was surprised to see only one such firm, KFC.

Big and featureless on the outside and full of the kind of business you'll find everywhere inside. But unfortunately this is about to change in Myanmar, and on this trip I was sad to see the advent of a large and featureless shopping center in downtown Yangon - Junction City. It is interesting that Junction City has a groundfloor model with a number of small stores that will sell a broad variety of things, I don't know how the Bogyoke Markt (Scotts Market), which is just a few steps over a footbridge, will react, as it seems to be in close rivalry.

Several of the booths were still built when I was visiting them, and others were acting, I like the crazy-looking drugstore that was already built. In the meantime, up in the shopping centre, things were going mad, even though they weren't supposed to open for another whole weekend. And there was also a big opening ceremony, although the formal indications indicated that the shopping centre would not open for another weekend.

Aside from KFC, it has some other'big' people I' ve never seen in Myanmar.... Yes, Pizza Hut is in the city. Strangely enough, a large part of the shopping centre was not yet ready....... Although the top storeys had not yet been completed and the shopping centre was only opened formally in one weeks time, the place was very well attended thanks to the many giveaways and the opening ceremony.

Now, Junction City was a rather astonishing edifice, and it seemed breathtaking, but at the same and sad to see a typically impersonal mega-mall open in central Yangon, and I am concerned about the effect it will have on all the small regional townhouses.

Hopefully one of these days I'll get Yangon back and I'll see what the effects of the shopping centre were, I just hopefully it's upbeat.

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