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AS4JA - Juan de Nova Island - News

Juan de Nova FT4JA - F5UFX, F5CWU, F4BKV, F4FET, F6BEE, F1NGP, F2DX, F5PTM, F4HAU, EA3NT will be operating as FT4JA from Juan de Nova Island (IOTA AF-012) March 29 - April 11, 2016. It works on all HF tapes plus 6m. A good spread is back on high tapes, and that's good for you!

We' re going to keep as many wards on the open tapes on at once until they're closed. We' ve had great races with NAWC on different lines, we will keep focusing on tough areas. Sadly, we have to work on the decommissioning schedule to cope with the necessary flood.

We' re planning to get off the island next Monday. Further information with the rest of the aerials coming soon. The spread seems to be decreasing from single to double. Those high-volume signal's not what it was last weeks. Even the groups close sooner. In fact, the last few nights we had no opening with NA on the 20th, while the tape remained open all and sundry.

This is more than ever the right moment to transmit your observations to your aviator. When planning our operations, we take into account all useful remarks. Great tidings, thanks to better meteorology today, the 160m aerial has been repaired. We are currently working on 10 ??" 12 and 15m with NA, we are staying until the groups are closing.

Tonight's planning will depend on the spread on December 17 and 20. Like last we will be at 40-30-80 and of course 160m. This 15m map with two stops offered many unique pieces with almost 17 000 QSOs on this tape, with long opening ceremonies worldwide.

Last evening there was no 160m action, because the 26m high perpendicular was adjusted. Many QRXs were made last day during the storm to fix some issues in the warehouse and to save our 3 power packs. Last evening and last evening the flood was very high, the swell is 20m nearer than before.

80 meters were very loud, but we walked part of the evening on this group. There were a blizzards all over the island last evening when we switched operator. It' finally decided to begin operations for the new users. I' ll see you on the tapes! The spread wasn't as normal last saturday!

Tall ribbons shut very early without any condition at 17 & 20m directly after our sundown. All our work on low-band RX antennae has really payed off. Several QSOs were reached at 80 and 160m with all parts of the globe, OC/JA, then EU and SA/NA inclusive West Coast.

We???ll will do the same the next evening. Throughout the day we concentrate on the high tapes. There are many call signs on the 15m run every day, and we???ll will hold a stop on this tape until the end of the surgery. Things are going well in the warehouse. We are hoping that the weather will soon be better, as our warehouse is not equipped for such storm.

Last evening we arrived at 50K sqso and we go on with the pileup, which is very big at a certain hour of the morning. We' re trying to use the tapes from their opening to the end of their spread. Yesterday evening it was very loud on low tapes and even with RX aerials we had trouble answering tel.

The We???ll keep our effort every single day until the end of the surgery. Of course it is not possible to keep them running at 10 op. We manage operator layers to enable as many of them during the best dispersion times. As Tromelin in 2014, the best group seems to be the 15m.

We' re doing our best to always look to Asia, Oceania and America when the spread allows for contact. 800 wards have already been registered on Top Band. A few words about the island's history. There are two marquees on the northern shore. Lifecamp is a 25 minute stroll away on the south side of the island.

Today EU/NA, JA and West Coast have discontinued the use of X-Ray Antennae. AS4JA 160m view from Sakhalin Island. FT4JJAon 160m shot by RA0FF. The FT4JA beacon at 6m on frequency 50102. Hi from Juan de Nova ! We' ve constructed the base station and the aerials under the harshest possible circumstances. Temperatures don't really drop at nights and we have tons of mosquitos looking for clean beef.

On the island we found a slightly different setup than we had anticipated, but we were able to install all the antennae as foreseen. Surrounding the campsite is not a football pitch, but a place with high shrubs (Arbustes, Brussailles in French), which makes every movement a real challeng!

That'?s Juan de Nova! Lifecamp is a 1 km drive from the cabins. We' re encountering a spread that is approaching our forecasts. So we walked 160 and 80m without RX aerials, but we were supposed to have them this evening to reach all parts of the globe. Thank you for the cooperation, see you on the band!

73, AS4JA team. RT4JA 160m Adaptor. UT7QF for 160m shooting. RV9CX 160m RV4JA Intake. AS4JA starts activities at 15 and 12m now 12. We' re starting as scheduled at dawn. Meanwhile we have begun with the construction of the campsite on the northern side of the island, the accommodations and most of the antennae are final.

We' re planning to begin work around lunch. AS4JA arrived on the island of Juan de Nova and set up a campsite. Planned to begin activities tonight Juan de Nova period. At Antsivia ? " and almost 2000 sq. m. as /MM we are now rooted in Juan de Nova. They are eager to set foot on the island and begin building the camps.

A disembarkation schedule has already been drawn up. All 4 boxes, which were shipped by freight one and a half months ago, were made available by our freight forwarder at the right moment. This gives a fairly accurate picture of the opportunities we will have during discharge, although it should be emphasised that the circumstances will be different due to the lack of a port on Juan de Nova.

In the next few days we will be activating the GPS-Bake, which will allow you to track the ship's path and find out its location in near-realtime. During the shipping passage we will use the period to organise the discharge and establish a consistent material installation policy.

We would also like to point out that an agreement has been concluded between the TAAF and the TAAF in which the plans for the installation of the antennae are described in great detail and the bans and limitations placed on our teams are detailed. We' re due to arrive on the island on the mornings of the twenty-ninth.

Then we will stay a whole afternoon installing the antennae and the live cam, which are divided into two different locations. We are hoping that the reproduction requirements will be improved so that everyone can hear and get in touch with us. We are hoping to be on the road at this point in a full working days on the 29th of March.

Remember: We will use the bandplan we share with our VK0EK family. There are some very tight spaces and we must co-exist in all comprehension, without deviating from the planned schedule, at the danger of creating disarray and interruption between the two of them. You can find the bandplan on both webpages.

During our Juan de Nova Island tour, we are happy to inform you that a T.A.A.A.F. QSL card stampset, which will be sent directly, will receive the envelope/stamp for you. Anyone involved in the FT4JA would like to thank everyone who has already made one way or another of their contribution to the work.

After this period the page ???donors??? will no longer be refreshed. Since it was not our first goal to enable these slot, we decided not to work on these tapes and to concentrate on 30/20/15m to maximise the number of ring calls.

Bandplan has been actualized. Departures to Juan de Nova are scheduled for March 26. For this we took a close look at the dispersion characteristics. FT4JA Scheduling is shown in front of each stop and is the operator's game.

We still have enough timeframe to make the necessary adaptations. In conclusion, we would like to point out that the Bandplan agreed with VK0EK is available on our website. If these two simultaneous ventures are to succeed, it will depend on how you understand this schedule and how you do it. In the meantime you have a few week to get your antenna and your ward ready!

For a long while Juan de Nova has been on the island shortlist, which is frequently visited by researchers, mostly members of the weather authority in France and at some point by the military. Almost 14 years of stillness for an island in the Pacific not far from other very popular DXCC units.

It' truely so, this small island is about 100km away from the west cost of Madagascar! JDN, like other islands, is managed by a dedicated administration responsible for these estates. FT4YES. This is where the island of Juan de Nova is situated.

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