Gehen Sie in[edit]. Many Swedes refer to Jönköping as the Jerusalem of Sweden - this is due to the many temples in the area. Situated at the south end of Sweden's second biggest sea, Vättern. In Jönköping there are also two smaller ponds, the Munksjön ("The Mönchssee") and the Rocksjön ("The Felsensee").

Swebus runs several busses a day from the terminal; the trip lasts three hour. In 1628322 Jönköping's main railway yard is on the bank. It is a small town centre within walking distance. Jönköping Resecentrum is a good base for exploring Jönköping, where train and coach services leave and leave for other towns.

Juneporten is the place where all inner-city busses run. Jönköping is proud of the Vättern Sea beaches. Jönköping's biggest mall is the A6 mall. Jönköping's centre is split into two parts, the eastern part (Östra Centrum) and the western part (Västra Centrum).

West is the only part of Jönköping. Jönköping University attracts many college and university graduates. Jönköping has most of the tavernas and nightclubs here and of course there are many cafés where you can savour the delicious schwedish cake.

The Habo Kyrka (Habo Church) is situated several kilometres north-west of Jönköping, directly on the Falköping highway. From here you can also go by ferry to the Visingsö Isle. Taberg, interesting hill just south of Jönköping. At Visingsö there is an isle in the Vätternsee, not far from Jönköping. She has a surface of 24 km and offers among other things a spice orchard, the old fortress ruin and a carriage trip through the isle.

Get off on the isle by first entering the city of Gränna, which can be reached by the municipal buss. Eksjö is 60 km from Jönköping. This is a city that has been able to maintain many timber houses in the centre.

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