chip="mw-headline" id="Historique">Histoire[edit]>> Joenköping (Swedish pronunciation: ²j?n??ø?p?

? ] ( hören)) is a small village in the south of Sweden with 93,797 residents (2015). 3 ] Jönköping is located at the south end of Sweden's second biggest sea, the Vättern, in the Småland area. The Jönköping is an old commercial center (Köping) located at a junction for the Nissan and Lagan River route and the Västergötland -Västergötland provincial highway, a consequence of the geographic location of the municipality at the south end of the Vätternsee, which separates the two states.

In those days, the present-day south Swedish regions - Scania, Halland and Blekinge - were part of Denmark. Between 1845-1970 Jönköping was known for its match-making. 6 ] Today it is an important Scandinavian logistics centre where the main storage facilities of many enterprises (such as Elkjøp, IKEA, Electrolux and Husqvarna) are located.

Today, the city of Jönköping comprises the east of Huskvarna, an industry city with which it has been united. Elmia, an important tradeshow and show center, is located in Jönköping. IK71, the Swedish icehockey league icehockey squad. Jönköping's IK (JIK), an indoor playing field football club that has already competed in the Swedish men's Super League for several seasons.

Jönköpping's Södra IF, the first division of Sweden's top flight club, Allsvenskan. The Husqvarna FF, the first division of the Swedish third division game. The IK Tord, division 2 Västra Götaland division footbal l-team (fourth division of Sweden). IF Joenköping Bank, Bandys own club in Allsvenskan (second division of Sweden).

Jönköping's SS, swim club, with swedisch masters in swim and underwater. The Wikimedia Commons has got press on Jönköping.

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See Småland for the cultural, geographic and historical background of the Småland area. The Jönköping Country (Swedish: Jönköping County) is a province or country in the south of Sweden. This is bordered by the districts of Halland, Västra Götaland, Östergötland, Kalmar and Kronoberg. In September 2017 the district's overall resident base was 356,291.

Jönköping is the biggest town and the main town. Approximately a fourth of the entire district inhabitants live in the town area of Jönköping-Huskvarna around the south point of Lake Vättern. Småland's major historic provinces (landskap), to which most of Jönköping district belongs, have no official or even legal importance today.

The Jönköping district has been an administration unit since the seventeenth centuary and forms the north-western part of Småland, the other parts are the Kronoberg district in the south-west and the Kalmar district in the west. Until 1687 the district of Jönköping was intermittently combined with the neighboring district of Kronoberg in the only districts of Jönköping and Kronoberg.

Up until the eighteenth centur y, the administrative offices were located in the Jönköping Palace located in the former Jönköping fortification, which was torn down in the nineteenth centur y; the former site of the palace is still the seat of the district administrative council and the governor's resi t. The municipality of Habo and the municipality of Mullsjö in the south-eastern part of the historic Västergötland region have also belonged to Jönköping County since the Skaraborg County was dissolved in 1998; both communities entered the Jönköping County in 1997 as a result of referenda.

The Jönköping district seat in Jönköping. It is the primary objective of the District Administrative Council to fulfil the objectives of the Riksdag and the Government in the field of domestic policy, to co-ordinate interests and encourage the district's growth, to define regionally defined objectives and to ensure the proper conduct of justice in all cases.

District Board of Directors is a government agency managed by a governor. Governor's or Landshövding's residence is in the municipality of Jönköping. Have a look at the Jönköping governors' register. Jönköping County or Landstinget i Jönköping County's primary tasks are to provide local health services and provide local transportation.

Every four years, the Landratsversammlung (Landstingsfullmällmäktige), the chosen organ for local affairs, is voted in at the same time as the Riksdag-election. The district of Jönköping is the Christian Democratic party's largest election area, which historically has a large following among the members of the Protestant Church in the area. Most of the district council and communities are ruled by liberal-conservative centre-right alliances.

Social Democrats were traditionally powerful in the mill cities and industry areas of Jönköping County. Anneli Wirtén is the Governor (landshövding) of Jönköping County. Communes of Jönköping County. The Jönköping district was officially armed in 1942. According to tradition, a mixture of the smaller Swedish national coat of escutcheon and the coat of the city of Jönköping was used.

Coat of arms for the city of Jönköping: "Gules, a castle with three Argentinean windows and a sable made of a wave-shaped azure of the base".

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