Travelling in Johannesburg This fast moving town, generally known as Jo'burg or Jozi, is the pulsating centre of South Africa. Johannesburg is now optimistic about the bright prospects after almost 20 years of downfall and deterioration. Nevertheless, Jo'burg is an unbelievably kind, unkempt town and there is a great deal to see and do here.

Surrounded by great archaeological sites and great cultural heritage, the Apartheid Museum is one of South Africa's most interesting places to visit. Immerse yourself and see the hustle and bustle of a town experiencing an unbelievable revival. Begin your adventure with a pick-up from your local Sandton or Rosebank in Johannesburg hotels.

Get into your air-conditioned car and learn about Pretoria as you travel to the South African government town. Pretoria is about 45 min. away and you can visit the historic sights. Wander through the broad alleys and listen to the violet colour of Giacaranda, which blossoms here every year, giving the place its name, "Jacaranda City".

Find out how Pretoria began its existence as a Boer-coloured peasant village before becoming the South African Republic's or Transvaal's capitol in 1860. Go to the church square and marvel at the imposing squares. Have a look at the Palace of Justice, where Nelson Mandela was condemned to lifelong detention in 1964, and the sculpture of Paul Kruger, or "Old Lion", the Boer chief and first republic presidents.

Marvel at the Town Hall and then stop in front of the Union Buildings while your tour leader tells you how these sand-stone bureaus were the place where Mandela was inaugurated as South African Prime Minister in 1994. Examine the rooms, many of which have regained their former splendour, and see how the mighty Kruger ruled the Republic during the Boer Wars against the British.

Leave the town and see the huge Voortrekker Monument in honour of the African Voortrekkers (pioneers) who migrated inland in the nineteenth centuries to set up shop there. After that you go back to Johannesburg, where your trip ends with a transfer to your accommodation. Remember: The order of activity described above may vary on the date of your trip.

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