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Myanmar for Foreigners

So if you decide to work in Myanmar, here are some things you need to know about the culture, lifestyle and people of Myanmar. Locate and apply for jobs in hospitality and tourism in Myanmar. Jobs in Education, Childcare & Teaching and in Yangon (Rangoon). Come to us for a rewarding career in the hospitality industry if you want to be part of a Yangon hotel in Myanmar. Non-nationals manage local offices of foreign travel agencies.

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Temporary work in Myanmar

Are you looking for your new position as your personnel Assistant? We provide companies worldwide with first-class specialist assistance..... We are looking for a great Executive Assistent for our PA team. We are looking for a great virtual wizard for our PA team.

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She will work with international organisations and media organisations to enhance the capacity of countries to empower and promote women's empowerment in peacemaking and.... It is a voluntary assignment in a relationship between VSO and a regional associate to give engineering assistance in research design, methodologies, analysis as well as coverage.

She will work with community members to foster peace, common understanding and understanding. Ms. B. B. will work with a VSO associate to enhance women's ability to engage, manage and impact on peace in politics.... VSO's Integration Advisor will technically assist the VSO project members in the development and implementation of integration strategies.

This volunteer will work with people who have been working with..... The 5 jobs we offer are volunteer jobs.


Burma is one of the oldest petrochemical companies in the word and in 1853 sells its first cask. Following decade-long US and European Union measures against the country's army regimes, the offshore crude fuel industry is quite an underdevelopment. Myanmar's offshore mineral economy has seen a return of interest in international investments as the new administration carried out policy and economical reform after the end of the 2011 war.

It has an estimate of 50 million barrel of verified crude petroleum and 10 thousand cf of verified petroleum resources.

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