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Come and join the thousands of teachers we have helped find their new teaching profession! Myanmar jobs, top jobs for local and international. Register for the latest jobs in Myanmar. "The purpose of this page is to help you advertise the vacancies in your company. Now you can find banking jobs in Myanmar.

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You' ll get these orders within 24h. - Responsible continues to improve the process of requirements and offer forecasting to satisfy customers' demands with the required degree of services and optimum costs -..... Verify order verification in e-mail Invoices Preparation of quotation Accepting a telephone call directly with the client, picking up orders, preparing orders and.....

Post-sale client education. Track your current clients and conduct the course..... - Supports trainings, schedule planning and trainings data base ("Sales & Kunden Servicetraining ") - Supports product and services trainings for all employees..... - Opportunities for expansion and promotion - Permanent.....

  • Opportunities for expansion and promotion - Permanent..... - Opportunities for expansion and promotion - Permanent..... UIDA ELECTRONICS (MYANMAR) CO., LTD. careers opportunities: - Taking responsibility for the notified client problem and its solution - research, diagnosis, fault rectification and solution finding..... Responsible for the clients' tech-services.

Burma Furniture Co.,Ltd.

Twenty-one jobs in all Myanmar areas of the world.

Willmar Myanmar International C.... Client locations in charge; completed project networking installation, setup, testing of networking equipment, hardware and software. Responsibility for and preparation of the offer for the client, presentations and designs, implementation of the networking intranet. Manage the day-to-day management of the company's networking infrastucture at all client locations. Be the Top No.1 E-Commerence in Myanmar.

Earlier known as EL Uhrwelt, Yunkey Technology has been distributing Chinese mid-end timepieces in Myanmar since 2014. Ache, Kim Miou, Ling Xiang and Sanda IV in the low-end Myanmar timepiece segment. Because of the risks of branded agencies and the great deal of ecommerce opportunities, the sale of large brand names and shopping centres is 60%.

Yunqi was converted in 2017 to start selling timepieces via e-commerce, beginning with a long-term base, a dedicated fighting force and the establishment of a firm in Guangzhou and Myanmar. In Myanmar, Ydcuk has become an important opportunity for young 25-45 year olds to shop now. Using e-commerce to build an eWatch label has a powerful impact on the South East Asia area.

The Myanmar Golden Rock International Co. Ltd. - In-depth RF and LAN problem resolution expertise - Powerful documenting capabilities include ERP ticket updates, OSS and network diagrams - Ability to interact with end user, cross-organizational employees - Collaboration with NOC and operating team to solve breakdowns or projects as needed.

  • Support in the design and communications of work instructions. - Support network engineering with the... Our visions and missions call us insurgents, but we firmly believe that every home and company in Myanmar should have quick, accessible and trustworthy¬†connections. Our mindset and our visions are clear: 10 Mgbs Fiber or Wireless for all Myanmar homes and businesses.

Myanmar's got a shitty web and we want to fix it. We call it the web revolution, and we want you there when we take on our business and work towards a better, quicker and less expensive mornings. We rethink, wire and rethink the web for households and companies as well as school and hospital in the Mandalay and Mandalay area.

Come and find out how great the web can be. - Troubleshooting, isolation and solution of middle and complicated networking challenges (LAN, WAN and MAN). - Use appropriate monitoring and troubleshooting utilities. - Support in the development and configuration of networking to keep pace with the development of the existing infrastructures.

  • Support in the realization of important IT infrastructural efforts. Our goal is to become the best supplier of finance solutions in Myanmar: The establishment of CO-OPERATIVE BANK LTD CO-OPERATIVE BANK LTD (CB Bank Ltd) was included in 21 What we do CB Bank as a pioneer in the domestic bank landscape, as we act as an early adaptor of process engineering and innovations through our comprehensive understanding of our own market and ingenuity.

In order to provide clients with the best possible bank solution, CB Bank relies on the safest, most dependable and most modern technologies and recruits the best and most intelligent talent from around the worInd. The CB Bank is one of the biggest privately owned and managed bank in Myanmar with the biggest bank networks with branch offices, self-service terminals and handheld bank broker.

CB has foreseen the country's economic development, as well as the associated chances and risks, even before Myanmar was recognised as one of the most rapidly expanding countries in the area. In 1992, the company has evolved from a small 33-strong banking operation to a large Myanmar banking operation with over 8,000 staff.

The CBank has over 200 branch offices, 700 cash dispensers, over 1000 cell phone agents and 300,000 cell phone customers. Wirtschaft CBank is an active promoter of the country's business growth. Parallel to the developments, the EBRD is conducting trainings to deepen the employees' understanding of the business. In order to become the new breed of an ethical and informed breed, CB is supporting learning outreach.

In order to conserve Myanmar's rich culture, CBank is supporting the country's tradition of dancing, performing and musical competitions. The Race & Religious CB Bench promotes non-discriminatory religious beliefs and respect different faiths. As a responsible company, the EBRD helps those who are suffering from climate change such as cyclones, earthquakes and fires.

We support catastrophe preparedness and donate money. Enviroment The EIB funds the corporate world with good will and also funds ecological initiatives. In order to become a leafy place, the EIB is committed to promoting trees and cutting down on the use of at work. CBank helps and helps employees to improve their standards of life and lifestyle and to become well-trained and skilled people.

  • Diagnostics and troubleshooting of engineering problems, as well as setting up PPPoE account and configuring the networks. With Myanmar in an unprecedented period of socio-economic change, Fortune has become one of the leaders in the state. It had its modest beginnings in 1991 with the ambition of becoming an integrated part of Myanmar's evolution.

Beginning with the deployment and maintenance of lifts as a key activity, Fortune has developed into a diverse organisation focusing on the right kind of infrastructural developments in Myanmar. You are welcome to join our numerous departments and become a member of one of the open positions at Fortune! - Capacity and TCO calculations, grid layout, preventative measures.

  • Draft ing and developing new networking architectures on demand - leading a group of experienced networking engineer to perform POC - solving architectural problems and providing and implementing enhanced architectural methods.

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