Job website in Myanmar

Jobsite in Myanmar

The recruitment of many positions in Yangon now begins from junior to executive level. In Myanmar, there are some common methods of hiring people. Job sites are another method that is becoming increasingly popular. With an optimized, fast mobile website,

mm provides an optimal user experience so that candidates can interact with your job ads on the go. Browse or search jobs across Myanmar.

Best Job and Career Recruiter

It is our goal to offer our customers and applicants an extraordinary level of services. Achieve Career searches for the most appropriate candidate and evaluates them carefully before introducing them to our customers. By accessing a large number of applicants in our data base and through our powerful international networks, we have gained positions in Germany and abroad.

New CV search utility implemented on Myanmar Jobs website

Work. com. mm, an on-line job site in Myanmar, has launched a new CV searching engine to help businesses quickly find suitable people. This new function enhances the CV filter for businesses and allows HR professionals to quickly and simply find the best solution for an open job, says in a comment.

Identifying the right candidates for a job is one of the biggest challenges for multinational and domestic enterprises in Myanmar. HR often receive relatively few job postings, making recruiting difficult and lengthy. Work. said it aimed to speed up the job searching by displaying only the most pertinent job seekers' profile.

"One of our key competencies is an efficient way for businesses to find the best talent," says Marta Zwierz, Work. National Director. Work. says that the new job seeker function puts job applicants with more professional expertise at the top of the job market. Candidates are ranked on the basis of both professional and recent professional experiences.

The CV assessment is also taken into account in order to provide the employer with the best possible CV, the job website has been added.

Civil engineer (foreign engineering office/construction company) (300,000 MMC ~ 400,000 MMC)

Responsibility for occupational and personal protection, as well as the organization and monitoring of material and personnel. Offers consulting in the design, coordination and monitoring of engineering facets of building-project. Solving technological problems, consulting, managing and reporting. Mark the website, make sure the drafts are properly used and work with the contractor.

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