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Sign up, create a new resume and find jobs in Myanmar from thousands of listings. Yangon, Myanmar-based Job Seekers Journal. Job-seeking journal address, phone number, email, reviews and photos. Receive new jobs for this search by email. For a long time, Singapore has been a popular destination for Burmese workers looking for work overseas.

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Seaside job seeker cautioned not to be vigilant

Labor offices and indigenous businesses are taking full benefit of Myanmar's Singaporean laborers, dismissing them from low-paid positions during their trial periods and then replacing them with new hires, expatriates say. For a long time, Singapore has been a popular travel spot for Burmese laborers looking for work oversee. However, the downturn following the economic downturn has exacerbated the labor markets and the search for well-paid work is now very difficult, say the source.

Fraud works in a way that employees receive a fee from potential employees who come to Singapore to work. He or she is then dismissed during the three-month trial phase, pointing out bad performances or insufficient experiences, abilities or qualification.

"Been persuading operatives to come to Singapore to find a job. A few guys in urgent need of work are paying $4,000 to the operative. They' get a job but are getting sacked during the trial period," said Ko Min Thu, who has been sacked twice by Singapore.

The employer has the right to dismiss employees during the trial phase on performance-related grounds. That' s why individuals apply directly to businesses rather than depending on Peninsular Plaza where most Singaporeans are located. Myanmar laborers gather every Sunday at Peninsular Plaza to look for job ads in Singapore's Straits Times paper, Ko Tun Oo said.

Singapore's former accountant Ma Ohnmar Than, who has been living in Singapore for six month, said to The Myanmar Times that Myanmar jobseekers have little opportunity to find a job in Singapore during the economiccession. "Nowadays, many of us have a higher profile when it comes to getting a job - we can't rival Singaporeans, regulars, overseas expats, Singapore college and university grads or seasoned workers," said Ma Ohnmar Than.

Attracting job hunters in Peninsular Plaza, they say they can set up work for them. However, most of these employees are laid off during the trial due to unskilled or unsuccessful work, while the agency and the firm do both. They' re gonna take the sacked operator and put in a new one.

"That', said Ma Ohnmar Tun. Said many Myanmarans in Singapore had been out of work since early 2009. "I' m really sorry for those who come to Singapore to work and then loose their jobs," said U Kaung, who has lived in Singapore for more than 20 years.

"Every single working or dismissed youngsters in the Plaza who are considering their Singapore futures because of the current economic recession," he added. Worked in a Thai central Singapore dining house, Ma Nge said this was not the right moment to work in Singapore. "There' s little way to get a profitable job here, especially at this age.

I' ve been working in this place for more than two years," says Ma Nge, who graduated with a Master's in Jurassic in Myanmar. Said she came from Bogale to work on fun in Singapore and earned S$600 per months, plus board and lodging. Indeed, SPass owners should be earning S$1800 per months, according to Singapore L..

Prior to the downturn, Singapore was the most sought-after travel location for Myanmar college undergraduates and the second largest for job after Thailand, according to the international job brokers, who charged much lower rates than those charged by other international labor. Myanmar and other Singaporean expatriates receive Permanent Resident (PR), Employmentpass (EP), Skills Pass (SPass) or Work Permit (WP) levels based on background, skills and expertise.

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