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Establishing customer relationships and development of the relation distribution of heavy machinery in accordance with..... Has to have 2 years of professional administrative background..... Myanmar Co., Ltd. Operations - merchandise and sale merchandise Surveillance and control of all merchandise..... Every alumnus 3 to 4 years of pertinent FMCG/beverage industry expertise Good communications skills and.....

Ms Sut has 3 years of professional logistics professional background as a sale prefer..... Has to have 2 years of professional bookkeeping to have professional Admi..... Completely in charge of bookkeeping Invoice preparation Completely in charge of general and..... Has to have 2 years of professional accountant training.....

Has to have more than 5 years of professional administrative working history..... Has to have more than 3 years of surveying engineering expertise to have Auto-CAD (2D).....

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Mobiler Boost Job Search on the Internet

On-line recruiting sites are among the benefits of increasing the use of wireless communications following Myanmar's telecom reform, said Derek Beeftink, CEO of the company that runs "Currently, half of the job applicants find their work on internet forums. Previously, there have been some concerns among job applicants and job applicants about the effectiveness of job search.

Every single workingday over 6,000 visitors and 71,000 search queries are generated, resulting in 1,000 submissions per days. Now, under the 345,000+CVs (Curricula Vitae) we have accumulated, we have a good opportunity for our work. The company's figures show that almost half of all job applicants in Myanmar are between 25 and 34 years old.

In the last 12 month Beeftink has seen a significant growth in the use of job search sites among those in this group. It has also seen an upsurge in the search for jobs on-line among those in two other groups - the 18-24 year olds and the 35-44 year olds.

Of these, 51 percent are female. With the growing number of smart phone subscribers across Myanmar, the company has updated its website to make it more convenient for them to use on their phones. We' ll try to familiarise them with the on-line job search when they use it.

Beeftink said: "We want to help jobseekers use their mobile phones to send applications to their preferred businesses. In the past year, more than 60 percent of Myanmar's jobseekers used the website, which was significantly higher than in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Cambodia, where the mother organization Everjobs is located.

Beeftink says the job search rates on Myanmar's cell phone are 10 percent higher than in the other three states. It sees the information technologies sector as the sector with the highest labour force requirements, accounting for almost 20 percent of job openings last year, followed by trade and telecommunication.

With regard to job type, bookkeeping, finance, distribution and distribution, technology, IT and softwares, administration and personnel usually provide a good number of workstations. The majority of employment is in the Yangon, Mandalay and Bagan areas and in the area of the Nay Pyi Paw Syndicat. It also hosts off-line meetings to connect its partners directly with talent job-hunters.

On 24 February, the fifth job show, Recruitment Day 2018, will take place in Yangon.

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