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Find the right job in Yangon with company evaluations and salaries. Download, Admin and Finance Manager, Yangon, SMTF(Myanmar) Sign in to your account or become a free member to see all jobs. Engineering For Kids Myanmar. Locate your dream job at Media,Digital & Creative Jobs. University TeacherPermanent Post in Yangon, Myanmar, Southeast Asia.

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Candidates must be willing to submit to a rigorous parental controls investigation, which includes 10-year period of criminal investigation by the law enforcement authorities and four years of peer-review. If you cannot find a job that suits you, but are still interested in working for us, you can submit your application for a job in the world.

Job fair in Yangon

MyJobs organizes the biggest job shows in Yangon. Yangon's next job fair will take place on March 10th at the Rose Garden Hotel. In addition, we provide various other possibilities for advertisement and promotions around our job shows. Since 2014 we have been organising job shows. During 2016 and 2017 we organised 3 job shows per year in Yangon.

As a rule, we are expecting around 8,000 applicants at the job show in Yangon. More than 10,000 contestants often take part. Participation in a MyJobs job show is a guarantee to attract a large public of highly skilled people.

Where can I find a job in Myanmar?

Burma is opening up, and the possibilities are waiting around every nook and cranny..... at least for those who want to search and find them. This will not be too far from the reality if one assumes that there are no qualified workers in most areas of a present-day business.

Over 70% of Burma's labour force are peasants who live in the countryside. Not surprisingly, most of the directors of the Ngapali Beach resort are foreign nationals just because there are not many Myanmar residents who would be able to do the job well.

His only noteworthy exemption was a citizen of Burma who was eating his money on hotel managers abroad and most recently headed the Ritz-Carlton in Dubai. Non-nationals administer domestic agents of international tourist agents. A number of a number of Chinese tour operators have started recruiting overseas to positions of responsibility in order to make up for the shortfall or to be a step ahead of increasing competitors.

Another great example could be dynamic development of a school. Of course, they need foreign students to educate them. I started to see foreign people working for advertising/marketing agents and IT firms during many of my encounters all over the countryside (especially in Yangon), which is likely to boom very soon.

How to find a job in Myanmar?

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