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Cities in Myanmar. She is now the market leader in various retail formats in Myanmar and an icon in the country's retail sector. Yangon Dulwich College, Star City Campus, Myanmar Are you interested in an international career where you can improve people's lives? People interested in teaching in Myanmar should be on the lookout for jobs throughout the year, although most school recruitment is between May and September. Associate for City Marketing and Partnerships, Myanmar.

Myanmar City Mart Holdings Limited workplaces

City-maart holding company, Ltd. CMHL is Myanmar's biggest retailer and currently employs more than 6,800 people. City Mart Group began in 1996 as a state-of-the-art grocery store in the northern part of Bogyoke Aung San Stadium[2] and has since extended to many different areas of contemporary retailing such as hypermarkets, chemists, bookstores, beauty salons, beauty salons, bakeries and caf├ęs.

City Mart supermarkets are aimed at city homes that focus on good eating and a high-end life style. There are currently 21 City Mart supermarkets in Yangon and Mandalay[Many City Mart supermarkets have pop-up shops for cosmetics, pharmacies, wines & liquor, cooking equipment, etc. inside. The majority of shops have a large choice of international produce.

The Ocean Supercenter was the first hypermarket to open in Myanmar in 2006. Well-known as the central contact point for foods, clothes, cosmetics, home and more. Currently there are 7 Ocean Super Centers in Mandalay, Nay Pyi Taw and Yangon. At present offers a broader array of Yangon's global and high-end product family.

This is one of the best equipped sales points in Yangon, which offers local specialities such as local coffees and candy. Opening 2011 as a top-of-the-range hypermarket in the Golden Valley mall.

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Has to have 2 years of professional bookkeeping to have professional Admi..... Completely in charge of bookkeeping Invoice preparation Completely in charge of general and..... Has to have 2 years of professional accountant training..... Has to have more than 5 years of professional administrative working history.....

Has to have more than 3 years of surveying engineering expertise to have Auto-CAD (2D)..... Preference Dip in HRM and/or other Int'l HR certificates. Minimum 3 years in the field of..... Completely in charge of accounting tasks Keeping accounts, notes and general..... Has to have about 10 years work bookkeeping background Must have work as a C.....

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