Jj Express Bus

Ji Express Bus

If it's the JJ Express VIP bus to Mandalay. VIP JJ Express Bus to Mandalay It is part of the travel report So Long Mongolia, Hello SE Asia (December-January 2015): Read the trailer The Banana Pancake Trail to Myanmar Starts This Monday, then the review, Thailand, Myanmar, Hong Kong, Disney, Home, where the season was decided to flee Mongolia forever. Why can a ten-hour bus journey, let alone in Myanmar, compete with the Chiang Rai rail? If it' the JJ Express VIP bus to Mandalay, it can. Include in the big service areas for some groceries and liquorice and JJ like the Oriental Express has you hope that the journey goes for a little longer.

Before we could get on the JJ Express, we had to take the hell bus from Ngwe Saung to Yangon, take a shuttle bus to the bus sta. And now for the JJ Express:

The Myanmar Transportation Guide: Review of JJ Express Bus

Up until 5 years ago, travelling by long-distance bus in Myanmar was not a comfort. Land transport received a big push with the launch of JJ Express, the first "VIP" bus line, and the construction of Hwy 1. At the moment there are several important touristic itineraries, among them those of our coaches: the coaches: VIP:

Yangon-Mandalay, Yangon-Bagan and Mandalay-Inle Lake, a convenient and inexpensive way to fly. In 2006 I drove from Mandalay to Inle Lake and was stacked into a non air-conditioned bus with my travel mate. After a 15 minutes ride we reached the city of Shwe Nyaung, where we were waiting at the side of the road for the arrival of our bus from Taunggyi.

A companion examined my tickets and accompanied me with a cushion, duvet and the possibility of putting me in a snug sleep mode. There were 2 chairs on one side of the corridor and only one on the other side - ideal for people like me who like to have their own area.

In Aung Ban and Kalaw, the backpackers' city, we stop to gather a few more visitors and then drive through the Shan Hills. It' by far the best street in Myanmar with 4-6 tracks for transport, perfect smoothness and almost level distance from Yangon to Mandalay.

The motors of all of my coaches have been adjusted to keep them below 100 km/h so that I could again be asleep in my comfortably seated position. At about 5 o'clock in the morning the bus was lit and the companion told us that we were coming to Mandalay. These are a great and inexpensive way to get around Myanmar.

There are now more than a doze bus routes that offer this type of services. If you would like to include a coach trip in your personal Myanmar vacation, please let your tour guide know!

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