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AJ Express Hwy JJ Express Card Washing - 18 pictures & 34 votes - 2564 Lawrenceville Hwy, Decatur, GA - telephone number It is a ride through the washing plant, where you can seat in the vehicle while it goes through the conveyor washing. 7 dollars for the laundry at no extra charge. but we haven't used that since the children were with us. Same great aftersales services that make your vehicle cleaner.

They have a carpet washer that's awesome, free vacuum cleaners when it's not really full (I only went away a few times) and free windows cleaners and fresheners. I' m honest only going if I need a fast laundry before I go somewhere else and only the $7 basics laundry.

I have for higher parcels before and it doesn't seem to get a really clean like I get at another auto wash I' m going to, so I keep it there fundamentally. It' the most durable washdown I' ve ever seen. All that $20 laundry is really something. A free and fresh air for every laundry, that is unbeatable.

Usually I come here to clean my vehicle, and for seven bucks it's a great amount for laundry and free vacuum cleaners. However two of the last three times I' ve attended the auto wash has actually been shut down, even though it has been postponed within their opening hours on-line and out on their letter.

As an example, I went today (Sunday) at 8:15, and they were shut. It' a fairly simple washup system. When you enter the vehicle, you choose the kind of washing system you want. One of the cheaper ones is the basics of washing your vehicle at $7 with added sanitation service that costs more.

I am not sure if you can make the payment with money, because I have never done it before), and then you go to the dry clean. A few employees make an easy irrigation and adds an additional clean, according to what you have chosen. Then you go to the cleaners and you're done.

It is possible to extend or turn right to use free vacuum cleaners and freshers. Vacuum cleaners do a good work and there are bins if you want to dump rubbish. Overall, I think it's valuable the price, and I have a tendency to go every single months to wash my orphanage.

I have had great experience here in the past, but after leaving today for the first in a while, I'm not sure I'll be back. One of the things I did was pay for was the $20 (which is the most expensive), and when I got out and into the vaccum area, I noted that I had still been drying up bedbugs on the front of my buggy vehicle and birds droppings on the Windows.

After the $20 laundry, I explained to the man and wife who seemed to be the manager/owner that my vehicle was not neat. I' ve had my folks come to this lot for a while now. Simple payment (cash or card) with laundry customization features, free vacuums, fragrances and carpet cleaner, snack or auto accessory machines, neat furnishings and people.

Neither do you blokes probably not pay attention, but this place is cheated out with colored characters & all this wacky material (I think it's chilly because it used to be nothing), fair prizes (basic lingerie is $6) AND can ensure an enjoyable u. Slick experie. It looked so crisp and clear and I got the underwear.

He used to do it by handwash for me, but he was out of the city and needed to get it cleaned inside and out. So I bought the $20 laundry, and my clear jacket of my vehicle is totally scraped on the top and bonnet. You were very preoccupied that particular date, and I don't think the mess from the earlier vehicles was clear.

Came to that washer for the first day and I have to say I was amazed. Unless you want to use the cleaner, which I did. So I went up, took the parcel I wanted, which was $10 (the lowest is $6), went through the laundry and dryer and my truck was declean.

These vacuum cleaners are very efficient and clean your vehicle very well. This was the first I tried out and after I dried the vehicle I realized that it had a bump and scratches on the top of the vehicle, even on one of the sides of the vehicle.

Besides, the place didn't look so neat. That''Go to the auto wash''. These suckers are great! It is located in a secure neighbourhood and is always very well-cleaned. There' s another handwash near here and the automatics are less expensive and do a better job. Here you'll find the best handwash in the area.

They' re always shut 20 mins. before hours, I don't think they know what it is. For your information, you should modify your lock hours whenever you want. It' a fabulous washin' bay on Lawrenceville Highway. Extremely neat party, well-cared-for laundry, free fragrances and cleaners in the hoover area and a free handkerchief with the luxury laundry.

It is not contactless, but still a good underwear. It' s powerful enough to suck the baby's big baby's big cap out of six centimeters - hardly any. Well I hadn't had my cart in more than a year and a half...went for the most costly option -- the lava washes -- and was in and out pretty quick...looks a lot, a lot better.

Unhardened bath towels, Unhardened vacuo, Unhardened fragrances. All I really wanted to do was suck out the leftover food my children used to stain my backchairs. And have a good excuse to ride my vehicle once without automobiles is eating for children in the background. You have many parking spaces and tonnes of cleaners.

And they have different fragrances that you can put in your vehicle.

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