Yiwani (Balochi: ?????

?) is a city and commercial port on the Gulf of Oman in the Gwadar district of Balochistan province in Pakistan. The Jiwani is located in Pakistan and uses the iata code JIW and the icao code OPJI. Receive the Jiwani weather forecast.

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Yiwani (Balochi: ) is a small business harbour on the Gulf of Oman in the Gwadar district of Balochistan in Pakistan. It has a combined urban and trade center of 25,000 inhabitants and, together with the expansion of the Gwadar seaport, almost 60 kilometers to the eastern side, is to become an important trading center.

The seaport of Chabahar in the Iranian province of Sistan and Baluchestan is also about 115 kilometers westward of Jiwani. Yiwani lies between Gwadar and Chabahar at the east end of Gwadar Bay. Jiwani has a number of export-oriented fishing freezers.

Yiwani is 34 kilometers from the borders of Iran. Yiwani has great importance in the Persian Gulf area. During the Second World War Jiwani was used as an airport and the remnants of some airports are still there.

A further history in connection with Jiwani is that Queen Victoria wanted to come to the area to observe the "sunset", and for her a cottage was constructed, which today is known as the "Victoria Hut". Queen Victoria or not, the Victoria Lodge is still run by Pakistan's coast guard.

The visit to the shelter of the airport used during the Second World War in Jiwani unveils many hand-written little tales and ally pilot faces. There' s a system of irrigation that is no longer in use, but a miracle of construction work to meet the station's needs.

In the past, rainwater was stored in three steps to purify the rainwater with the normal rate of passage. Afterwards, the sea was transported to the airport and also to the Victoria hut, which is almost 5 kilometers away from the system of tanks. From Gwadar the Makran Coastal Highway now arrives at Jiwani and links Karachi.

The Jiwani has a heated deserts clima (Köppen class BWh) with wet and wet summer and winter.

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