Jhelum springs from a deep spring in Vernag, in the western Jammu and Kashmir state, in the Indian-administered part of the Kashmir region. The Jhelum is a district and city of northern Punjab, Pakistan. The city of Jhelum is the headquarters of the district. Receive the Jhelum weather forecast.

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Some authors believe, however, that when "Dara-e-Azam" attained a certain place on the riverbank after many fights, he fortified his banner at this place and named it "Ja-e-Alam", which means "place of the banner". In the course of the years, "Ja-e-Alam" became Jhelum. Saeed Bin Abi Waqas, Saad Bin Abi Waqas's sibling, was sent to China to teach Islam, during his trip he came to the Jhelum town, saw the mirror image of a town in the stream and said "??? ?????".

Ahmed Shah Abdali also used "Jheelum" instead of "Jhelum and "Harian" for Kharian in his journal. Jhelum Tareekh-e-Jhelum. The story of Jhelum (2nd edition). Books Corner, Main Bazar, Jhelum. P. 92. He captured the Shahis in Kabul in 1005 and followed the Punjab conquest, which included Jhelum.

When the Mughal Empire went down, the Sikh entered and took over the Jhelum district. Jhelum and the remainder of the Sikh areas were transferred to the British in 1849. By 1857, the 14 local infantry deployed in the city of Jhelum was mutinying and vigorously defended against a troop sent by Rawalpindi to dismantle them, but left for the post-activity period, most of them then being detained by the Kashmiri officials in whose area they had fled.

In the 1857 Indian rebellion, also known as the Indian mutiny, 35 UK troops of the foot's normal 24-th regime were slain in the Battle of Jhelum by rebels of the Honourable East India Company Fourteenth Bengal Native Infantry (about 500 of the troops mutineered, while about 100 of the Sikh troops remained loyal).

A speaker's desk in the Johanneskirche Jhelum shows the 35 soldiers' name. St. John's Chapel is situated in Canton Jhelum, Pakistan on the Jhelum Rivers. Constructed in 1860, it is still a symbol of the town. Constructed as a Lutheran temple, it was in use throughout the entire time of Britain.

MIRSA DILDAR BAIG, also known as Khaki Shah, participated in the Jhelum Mutiny and was later acclaimed by Indian nationalists. The Kashmir government took him prisoner and detained with the rest of the mutineas and later hung him near the Jhelum stream. He is buried in a sanctuary in Jhelum Dildarnagar, and a small Uttar Pradesh city is also his name.

In 1873 the railroad viaduct on the Jhelum was constructed by William St. John Galwey, a later Eng. And he also made the great emperor's viaduct over the Sutlej stream. Most of the people were Muslims, supporting the Islamic League and the Pakistani movement. Following Pakistan's 1947 independent regime, the Hindus and Sikh minorities emigrated to India, while Moslem immigrants from India moved to the Jhelum district.

Jhelum is not only the county capitol, but also the seat of Jhelum Tehsil, the town of Jhelum is divided into 7 councils of the Union,[23] namely Jhelum-I, Jhelum-II, Jhelum-III, Jhelum-IV, Jhelum-V, Jhelum-VI and Jhelum-VII. Jhelum has a total of 188,800 inhabitants (2012)[7] and is the thirty-second biggest town in Pakistan in terms of number of inhabitants.

The town' s surface area is approx. 22 square kilometres (8.5 square metres). The population growth is 1.51[25], which is very low in comparison to other parts of Pakistan. Most Christians share 1.36 per cent of the minority groups in the area. Jhelum's alphabetization rates are among the highest in Pakistan.

27]Jhelum's Human Development Index is 0.770, the highest in Pakistan after Karachi. In recent years, the town has developed rapidly and has become a pulsating business and culture centre. In the old town there are small alleys and overcrowded bazars. Jhelum's principal markets are Shandar Chowk, GTS Chowk, Muhammadi Chowk, and include Maine Bazaar, Naya Bazaar, Raja Bazaar, Kinari Bazaar, Sarafa Bazaar, Chowk-Ehl-e-Hadith, and Soldier Arcade.

Several of Jhelum City's major streets are Civic Line, Railway Road, Old GT Road, Kucheri Road, Iqbal Road and Rohtas Road. Jhelum is situated at 32°56 north and 73°44 east latitudes, 1 hour and 30 min from the capital of Pakistan Islamabad and 3 hrs from the centre of Punjab Lahore.

The Jhelum is connected to these towns via the N-5 national road. Throughout the years, the effects of the world' s warming have affected both Jhelum and every other place on earth, and the Weatherbase and NOAA tables show the differences in precipitation between 1990 and 2015: In a ravine Qila Rohtas is about 18 km NW from Jhelum and 7 km from Dina.

There is a captivating maze of alleys and cramped bazaras in the old town. Across from CMH Jhelum Cantt is the city's lovely MOSH, CMH Masjid Jhelum. The Johanneskirche Jhelum church, constructed in 1860, is situated in the canton. Almost 100 metres from Shandar Chowk, in the centre of the town, is Maj. Akram Shaheed Memorial Park.

The Lehri Nature Park is situated 10 km from the G. T. Road between Jhelum and Islamabad, 30 km from Jhelum and 90 km from Islamabad in the Pothohar area. Situated on the Jhelum River about 30 km from Jhelum, the Mangla Reservoir is the 12th biggest reservoir in the whole wide range.

Built in 1967 over the Jhelum River. Mangla View Resort[34] is the first Mangla View Estate in Pakistan to provide residential properties, mansions, town houses, hotels, managed suites and shops. Situated on a 1.4 sq km property on Mangla Dam.

The Rasul Barrier is situated on the Jhelum River about 30 km downriver from Jhelum. Car tickshaws are a favourite means of transportation for shorter distances within the town. Most of the new urban hickshaws use CNG instead of gasoline because CNG is greener and less expensive than gasoline.

The Daewoo Express Coach Service and other coach lines run from the town to the whole state. Busses from Jhelum to Jhelum (Pind Dadan Khan, Dina, Sohawa, Lilla, Nakka Khurd, Chakri Rajgan Khalaspur, Sawika, Bair Faqiran- Green Hills Village) Nagyal, Sanghoi, Mangla Cantt, Nara, Domeli, Darapur,

The Jalalpur Sharif and many more, while delivery trucks drive from Jhelum to Sanghoi, Wagh, Dina, Kharian, Sarai Alamgir, Chak Jamal, Chak Doulat, Mughalabad, Boken, Dhanyala and many other places and Baragowah. Jhelum station was constructed in 1928 during the period of Britain's pre-independence reign. The Jhelum is located on the Pakistan i Railway's major line and is connected to the whole of Pakistan by a railway line through Pakistan.

Much of the railways and footbridges were planned and built by the Jhelum rail repair shop during the UK period and after the war. The 3G Internet Services have been available in this town since September 2014. Every large Pakistani cell telephone company offers its services in Jhelum. The WorldCall Fiber Optics Division has relocated throughout the town of Jhelum for a FTTH contract with multiple playback services.

40 ] In August 2008, PTCL also began its PTCL Smart TV in Jhelum. It has its own Jhelum Networks network, a semi-public organization working to develop telecommunications and web based solutions throughout Jhelum. Commencing operations in 2011, the business now covers more than 200 square kilometers.

The Jhelum Networks provides WiFi and wired web service throughout the area. Various mobile networks also offer 3G in Jhelum. There is a course within the town, River-View Gulf Club[41], which hosts regular international competitions. In addition to major sporting activities such as soccer, crash, hockey as well as square tennis, many other sporting activities are practised in the countryside around the town.

The Air Foundation School System is a trademark under the 2001/Act 1940 Government of Pakistan Regulation. And Jhelum also has two sub-campuses of the Virgin University of Pakistan, Virgin University Campus at Civil Lines opposite the Municipal Church and others is privately owned Virgin Campus namely Wings Institute of Learning. 46 ] The Pakistan Virtuelle Universität opened its own campus in Jhelum in March 2012; the VU Jhelum Campus has begun its important task of educating the Jhelum community in affordable living.

It' s in the centre of the town in a nice house. The VU Jhelum University is well-appointed, well-kept and organized. In order to support the student, all kinds of academic programmes are available on our campuses. The Jhelum has some of the biggest hospitals[47] in the region, including the one in the canton of the town, which is administered by the Pakistan army or sub-organisations.

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