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I' d stand in front of a mirror and hold a hand mirror to see my profile. edit]>> The Jewish nose or Jewish nose[1] is a racist stereotype[2], which relates to a hook nose with a convex nose ridge and a down rotation of the tip of the nose[3], which was exposed in Europe in the middle of the 13th centur y as an enemy cartoon of the Jews and has since then become a determining part of the Jewish stereo-typ.

Although it has been found that this nose style is as widespread among Jews as it is among the general public in those areas where this nose style is most widespread, such as the Mediterranean[6][7][8], the presentation of the Jewish nose has been preserved in anti-Semitic cartoons and has also been adopted by many Jews as part of their ethnical identities.

This is one of the oldest Jewish nasal caricatures. Naomi Zeveloff, a novelist, says "Jews in pre-war Berlin, where pre-war nose correction was under development, were looking for a way to conceal their ethnical identifac. "Jacques Joseph, the creator of nasoplasty, had "a large Jewish customer base looking for nose corrections that they let happen as non-Jews in Berlin," Zeveloff writes.

The Jewish nose is a determining feature of American-Jewish identities in American-Jewish writing and film. "Nose is a natural sign of being different, definitely for Jews like Philip Roth and other artists," wrote writer Roy Goldblatt.

Large names for Jews, small names for gentiles and the common occurrence of the Rhinoplastik "as an instrument of (attempted) Americanization" show in Jewish literary "the particular importance attributed to the nose as a determinant of Jews' differences - in history, in printing, on the scene and on the screen," Goldblatt states.

Jooshua Louis Moss quotes Woody Allen's Sleeper as another example of the Jewish nose as an aspect of American-Jewish identities. 34 ] "The historic and ethno-religious contexts become noticeable in the principal theme of the cinema, one of the key tropics of anti-Semitism of the 20th century: the controversial scenery of the Jewish nose [&] nose-jokes are repeated throughout the entire cinema, both in dialog and in view.

" There are two strangely big nose-shaped bots with serious Jewish touches in one of them. Allen kills the film' s narrator by putting the tyrant' s clearly non-Jewish-looking nose under a steamer in another film. Holden, Harold Miller (1950), Harold Miller, Nones, World Publishing Company, p. 69, An extensive survey of the "Jewish" nose was conducted.

This nose has been found to be much less widespread among Jews than is generally assumed. Moreover, it is most widespread among Jews if it is also widespread among the general public, such as the Mediterranean or Bavaria. Bounce high ^ Silbiger, Steve (2000), The Jewish Phenomenon: Longstreet Press, p. 13, sociologists have shown that the "Jewish nose" is no more frequent among Jews than among Mediterraneaners.

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