Jewish Ghetto Rome

Ghetto of Rome

Rome's Jewish ghetto is one of the city's most beautiful hidden treasures. Jewish Museum, Great Synagogue of Rome, Kosher Restaurants. Are you going to the Jewish ghetto in Rome? All you need to know

When you stay in the town for more than a few nights, a visit to the Jewish ghetto in Rome is a must. Europe's oldest Jewish village (dating from the 2. cent. B.C.) - and, as expected, a distinctive synaagogue, cosy baker' shops and Jewish-Roman trattoria - is also definitely not just interesting for Jewish-historians.

The Jewish ghetto is also one of the most beautiful and evocative areas of Rome. Are you going to the Jewish ghetto in Rome? I will soon publish a follow-up on what can be seen in the Jewish ghetto. And the greatest misunderstanding about the Jewish ghetto has to do with his name.

It is understandable that the term "ghetto" tends to cause some kind of commotion. Firstly, no: The "Jewish Ghetto" is not an unreasonable name. That' s what the natives (and Jewish natives) call it. Secondly, it is not a "ghetto" in the contemporary meaning - although it has its own very unhappy story of deprivation and poor.

The first Jewish ghetto was in Venice, in what is now known as Canaletto. On the other hand, the other thing to bear in mindfulness when visiting the Jewish ghetto is that this is the intellectual and cultured home of the Jews in Rome. The oldest home of the Jews in all of Europe - thanks to the less fortunate fact that they were enslaved in the Second World War.

However, when you go to the Jewish ghetto today, keep in mind that despite the high temple and cosy restaurant, it is far from the flourishing, busy Jewish congregation it would have been a hundred years ago. Today Rome is said to have less than 20,000 Jewish inhabitants, of whom only a few hundred are living in this area.

Therefore you have to be as clever - especially where to dine - as in other key areas of Rome. These include the treatment of Via del Portico d'Ottavia, the major restaurant route..... a major restaurant route.

Read more about where to dine in a forthcoming article. Where' s the Jewish ghetto in Rome? That' part of why I hated saying you should put the Jewish ghetto on your Rome census. This sounds like an exertion - as if the Jewish ghetto is far away from other places of interest or needs a whole afternoon.

Jewish ghetto is a square area to the east and east bounded by Via Botteghe Oscure (north), Via Arenula (west), the stream (south) and Via del Teatro di Marcello (east). So how am I supposed to include the Jewish ghetto in my tour itinerary? Geographically, it is most comfortable for visitors to Trastevere (directly above the river), Campo dei Fiori (in the west), the Capitoline Museums (in the northeastern corner) or the Mouth of Truth (in the south) - but it is just as simple to go to the Forum, after a forenoon, to key places like the Pantheon and Piazza Navona or, really, somewhere else in the centre of Rome.

When you are looking for simple means of transportation, everything that will take you to Largo Argentina or Piazza d'Aracoeli, two important bus and tram junctions in Rome, is a good choice. In the Jewish ghetto do I have to make an appointment in advanced? Though the visit to the Jewish ghetto does not necessitate much preliminary design due to its position and dimensions, there is one exemption.

As it is a historical Jewish quarter, many places are open on Friday evenings and until Saturday (making it a good place to stay, even on Mondays, like Christmas Eve, when many other places in Rome may be closed). Because so many of the places here are not very good, the few good ones are fully occupied - so, especially if you travel in a group of more than a few, I would strongly advise you to book in advanced.

Since you know the fundamentals of the Jewish ghetto visit, keep up to date with what you can see. Furthermore: How should I plan my visit in Rome? a funny trip through Rome's secluded antique places and what you can do in Rome if you.... did everything. Do you like this article?

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