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Contact details and fleet of the aircraft operator for JETMAGIC LTD. Name of JetMagic airline; active status. The Jetmagic Company Research & Investment Information. The JetMagic offers business flights with aircraft at Malta Airport (Luqa).

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The JetMagic was an operating company in Ireland between 2003 and 2004. The JetMagic sells itself with high qualitiy and extras, e.g. a free paper for all customers, free food, free icecream, etc. The Jetmagic operates a fleets of 2 Embraer 145 and 1 Embraer 135 to Belfast, Edinburgh and London City.

Passengers on a number of services, such as a dual day connection to Brussels airport on week days and an extra connection on Sunday evenings. Belfast City Airport was also flown to twice a day on workdays, with an extra Saturday mornings flight onboard. London City Airport, which was flown to three flights a day on week days, was the most frequently used, with an extra Saturday mornings and Sunday evenings flight, in part due to week-end limitations at London City Airport.

In the first few month, however, the company had to rent alternative aircrafts because the Embraer 135 had not yet been licensed for operation at London City Airport. Later, further connections to Liverpool Airport and Edinburgh Airport were added. In addition, Jetmagic ran several recreational lines, among them Alicante, Nice and Barcelona as well as Milan and Rome, which were run by Aer Lingus following Jetmagic's exit.

During Jetmagic's service, all these activities were performed two to three days a week. From 24 May 2003 to 17 August, the carrier also offered short recreational flights, three flights a week to Jersey and Nantes. The JetMagic aircraft stopped operating on January 28, 2004 after one of its aircraft was confiscated by Aer Rianta for non-payment of landings charges.

It has ceased operating for an indefinite period and many people have been dropped out of their pockets for the costs of their ticket. In fact, JetMagic had received reservations from the convolution until about 30 mins before the message. Following the death of Jetmagic, flights to Belfast City Airport were commenced and then canceled by Aer Arann.

Liverpool Airport is served by Ryanair and Edinburgh Airport by Aer Arann under the Aer Lingus local network. JetMagic support at Cork Airport has been unmanned since then and is missing in the new station.

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