Jeita Grotto

Cave Jeita

Jeita Grotto - The Pearl of Nature in Lebanon Walking with an thrilling experience at a range of about 700 metres from the 2200 metre long cavern will amaze the visitors with the stunning natural beauties of the exceptional limeformation. This is a brief and dreamlike cruise over a length of about 400 metres from the 7800 metres of the cavern, which will take the visitors into another quiet and impressive realm.

Shop in our old-fashioned gift stores, where you will find eastern arts and crafts and ceramic art that you can sell to your people. Even your name can be engraved in coloured sandy coloured jars by our skilled artisans outdoors! The most imposing and appealing sculpture in Lebanon stands at the entry to the lower cave and is known as the "Guardian of Time" with a height of 6.6 metres and a weight of 65 tonnes.

Unwind in a relaxed phoenix gardens with various statues. Transport of the visitor within the area with a beautiful, convenient railway that goes up and down the caves.

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