Seven places to go in Jawhar, the most important tourist activities The Dabdaba Falls, a view that will certainly take your breaths away, are a place of the great miracle of nature of Jawhar. Surrounded by thick, luxuriant verdant woods and other contemporary amenities, the main feature of the town is a high and bubbling waterfall. Fort Bhopatgad also acts as an important historical site.

Founded by Chhatrapati Shivaji, this fortress is relatively small and almost tantamount to Maratha Kingdom. The Jai Vilas Palace is situated on the hill and is considered one of the most important historical places of Jawhar. The Shirpamal, an old building that dates back to the third millennium, is a beloved historical quotation from the great Maratha kingdom empress, Chhatrapati Shivaji.

Sunset Point is a place with an intriguing backdrop of nature that serves as the main tourist feature of the mountain city of Jawhar. Hanuman Point is another stunning place that should be on your tour schedule, situated in a beautiful nature area. Legend has it that Lord Hanuman was resting at this place while on his way to Lord Rama's Bharath brothers, which gave the place its name.

Jawa Tourism: Main activities in 2018, videos, photos

The Jawhar or Jawahar is a mountain resort in the Thane District of Maharashtra. Jawhar, known as the Mahabaleshwar of Thane County, is known for its beautiful scenery and wealth of culture. The Jawhar is about 80 km from Nasik and 180 km from Mumbai. The Jawhar became renowned as the home of the Worli people, one of the empires in Maharashtra.

Jawhar of Maharashtra's past is deep down in history. Chathrapathi Shivaji, the famous Maratha protagonist, was intrigued by the way of life of the tribes and decided to set up a base in Jawhar during his trip to Surat. Later Jawhar became a royal state governed by the Munke family under the British Raj.

Today, Jawhar has a flourishing travel business, which has promoted infrastructural growth in the region. Jawhar has a few small reservoir and embankments in picturesque places. Its tranquil environment, these reservoir and embankment areas have become an important touristic area. Although Jawhar is an important travel spot, it still maintains its rural character.

Jawhar's clan environment is largely unchanged in comparison to other clan environments. Nature's magnificence of the area is not affected by changes in the contemporary age. Jawhar has several touristic sights in and around Jawhar. Jawhar's Jawhar is the most visited place in Jawhar and the trip to the Jawhar is a great way to get to know Jawhar.

Exploring the mountain stations and hiking in the Jawhar mountains are other pursuits. Jawhar is the starting point for picnic and trek trips to Lonavla and Khandala, both close by. Worli pictures of the Worli people of Jawhar are world-famous and have become a distinctive symbol of this place.

Worli colours, made of ricepaste, were originally only used to embellish their living rooms. Worli's painting is essentially about the countryside of the Worli people. Worli's painting on linen screen and cardboard have become Jawhar's favourite mementos.

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