About Jawhar: Jawhar is a city and local council in the Palghar district of the state of Maharashtra in the Konkan district. Schedule your next vacation in Jawhar. A soulful songwriting with roots in North African Chaâbi and nick draky folk. www.jawharmusic.

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About Jawhar: Jawhar is a town and a local councillor in the Palghar County of Maharashtra State in Konkan County. The Jawhar was the capitol of the former prince state of Jawhar. Jawhar is located in the Western Ghats and is known for its scenic surroundings and pulsating culture. One of the few surviving Maharashtra areas, it is renowned for its lively Warli paintings, which are a distinctive feature of this place.

Jawhar was founded in 1918 and is one of the oldest municipalities in the state of Maharashtra. The Jawhar is a mountain terminal situated at 19°55?N 73°14?E / 19. The Jawhar Tualuka is a tropic area, mostly encircled by leaf-dropping lush vegetation. She has an avarage height of 447 meters (1466 feet).

Jai Vilas Palast is the most famous historical touristic destination in Jawhar. Raja Yashwant Rao Mukane constructed this neoclassic building. Also known as Raj Bari, this mansion was once the residence of the Mukne dynasty. This hilltop building is a masterpiece of architectural mastery with a mix of West and East India architectural lifestyles in magnificent rosebrick.

Inside the building the rich cultural and life style of the monarchs of the Mukne tribe is reflected. There is a wonderful courtyard with thick wooded leaves and cashew everywhere. The story goes that after the work on the building was finished, the stone pit from which the stone was quarried was demolished and roofed; the precise site of the pit was gradually wasted.

Because of its singular architectural styles and position, the Palast has been shown in several Marathi and Hindi movies. Immediately to the west of the town, almost 1 to 2 km from the town centre, there is an old Maruti sanctuary, known as Katya Maruti mandate because of its black wood.

It'?s almost 500 ft down in the middle of the river. Hanuman Point (Sunrise Point) is a wonderful place to watch the sun rise from the nearby valleys, near high mounds and the Royal Jaivilas Palace. Almost 0.5 km westwards, from the centre of the town, there is a legacy of enthusiasts known as Sunset Point.

Mahalaxmi at Dahanu, almost 60 km from Jawhar, can be seen at night. The Dabhosa - Dadarkopara Falls are only 18 km from the Jawhar - Talasari - Silvasa Road. Situated on the Lendi Riverside and on the other side of the Riverside near Sarsun is Dadarkopara Falls.

Dadarkopara Autumn usually gets dried in summers, so it is also called Suka Autumn (Dry). It has a 300-foot drop. Lendi Rivers waters first flow into the box-shaped cliffs and from there they flow into a 5-foot x 5-foot box-shaped open stone canister.

Surrounded by flat hills with a total altitude of 600 ft on both sides, the falls are planted with herbs. The Dabhosa Falls is one of the highest falls in Maharashtra. It is a truly stunning place, with a crater-shaped shell in which the falls cascade and the sea at the foot of the falls penetrate.

Kal Mandavi Falls are about 100 metres high and flow all year round, not only during the monsuns. The most beautiful view of the falls is during the honeymoon time. The name Kalmandi is the name of the cascade located near the Apatale gauon. The Jawhar to Kalmandi is about 5-6 km across the Jawhar-Zap highway.

It is one of the most important reservoirs near Jawhar town centre with wonderful sites of delight. It offers a tranquil environment to calm a weak spirit and bodily tension, and the surplus waters of the reservoir flow through the giant cliffs (directly in front of the reservoir), which can be seen in the shape of a cascade.

Rajaram Mukne, the President of the Jawhar Municipal Council in 1995. More than 100 sight- and mental-impaired young sters and tribes women are offered educational and housing opportunities by the schools. Maharashtra is one of the best specialized schools in indigenous areas in Maharashtra. The Jawhar is an administration centre of Jawhar Taluka.

Jawhar, the gender relationship is more because most men wander for some period of times to work. Jawa is known for her own clan civilization. Paintings in Warli/Varli and various traditions such as Bohada (fair), where you can see the indigenous civilization that has been persecuted since antiquity. Jawhar is a gold area for student for the Stammeskultur-Studie.

The Jawhar and his surroundings were shown in a series of movies. Jaivilas Palace was shown in the Great Grand Masti documentary as the traditional habeli of one of the main protagonists. Mast Malanga " from the Marathi One Way Ticket was filmed at Jaivilas Palace.

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