For many critics, Jauja, Lisandro Alonso's latest film, was a surprise. story line The" Castle Rock"-star channeled her inner screaming empress and revealed whether she would prevail in the fight against a film monster. The two very different men who have been hurled together by a rebellion in a globalised society are compelled to escape across the Atlasgebirge. This is a mystery about a con man, his woman and a foreigner who flees Athens after one of them is involved in the murder of a pi..


He' s drawn into different emotive tendencies by his woman, his mum, his lover and his shrewd shrew. After having spent most of his lifetime at sea, a commercial sailing ship is returning to his native Tierra del Fuego. He is a lonely man whose only amusement is going to a cinema, the Teatro San Martín, on Corrientes Avenue in Buenos Aires.

On their travels through the countryside, they meet a mixture of individuals who have an indelible influence on their journeys. Follow the unfortunate crews on board the trading vessel Demeter, which brought Dracula's casket from Transylvania to England only to get into the harbour without survival. This is a father-daughter trip from Denmark to an unfamiliar wilderness that lives in an empire beyond civilisation.

This film was written for 20 pages.

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