Japanese Bobtail Shorthair

Japonese Bobtail Shorthair

Japanese Bobtail Shorthair is a medium sized cat with long, clean lines resulting from straight, slender bones and firm muscle tone. See the Color Point Shorthair, American Curl, Somali, Japanese Bobtail, Exotic and Birman cats. Japanese Bobtail is an old cat breed with high intelligence. Japanese Bobtail cat breed: Bobs are excellent companions. All you need to know about Japanese Bobtails, including care, health problems, history, adoption, finding a good breeder and much more.


Japanese Bobtail is a household pet race with an uncommon "bent" cock more similar to a rabbit's cock than other males. It is indigenous to Japan and Southeast Asia, although it is now widespread worldwide. It has been known in Japan for hundreds of years and is often found in folk and arts.

Like most other races, the bobtails can have almost any colour (or colours in any number of patterns). Predominantly puree ( ??, mi-ke, literally'triple-hair') is particularly appreciated by the Japans and cats lovers [1] and is strongly present in folk music, but other colours are also acceptable by the breeding of cats.

In Kaempfer's Japan around 1701, the first Westerner' s volume on the Japanese plant, animal life and countryside, the famous physician Engelbert Kaempfer wrote: "There is only one race of cats that is kept. He has large spots of amber, dark and whitish coat; his brief coat looks as if he is curved and fractured.

" Elizabeth Freret was the first known figure to import the Bobtail from Japan to the Western Hemisphere in 1968. 4 ] The short-haired japanes bobtail was admitted to the 1976 Cat Fanciers' Ass. championship. In 1993 he received the award for his longhairs. From 2013 there will be a number of Bobtail growers in Japan, most of whom are located in North America, some in Europe and at least one in Japan.

Bobtails from Japan are a recognized race and are recognized by all large registries except the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF), the national register of the United Kingdom. Shorthaired in exhibition grade japaneses bobtails show the qualities of the race. It is not too long and not too long in relation to the length of the person.

Mantle ("Shorthair"): Dovetail: The dovetail must be clearly discernible and consists of one or more bent joints. Whereas Harlekin and Vans (color only on the top of the forehead and tail) and strong whites are preferred by many, any fur colour and colour sample is permitted.

It is a good race for family. It is a race strongly drawn to the waters. It is known for its playing behavior, it is always full of power and silliness. Due to its small coat, this race has a minimum to moderate dandruff formation. However, Japanese Bobbytails are generally wholesome kittens.

There is no link between the genes of recession and the shorter cocks and there are no spine or bony anomalies. It is a natural endogenous genetic alteration produced by the expressing of a dominating GM. In Japanese Bobtail the cock is both shorter and bent. It is always homozygogenic in the race, so all kitties that have been derived from a Japanese Bobtail parental part usually have a Bobtail.

One for the gen heterozygote kitten may have kitten with or without the trait[7]. In contrast to the dominating Manx gen, the Bobtail genes are not associated with bone diseases. Bobtail causes a reduction in the number of caudal vortices and a certain amount of fused caudal vortex.

Not only is this kind of cock one of a kind for the race, but also for every single cats. 8 ] To be regarded as a real Bobtail cats, the cock must not be more than three inch from the point of elongation to the heelbone. Seldom a Japanese Bobtail, especially a predominantly knows copy, can have a heterochromie or differently colored eye.

Irrespective of the race, a cat with this characteristic is called an uneven cat. One of this race is Irish blu ("silver" in Japan ) and the other is golden ("yellow"). It is more frequent in this race than in most others, with the remarkable except for the Turkic Van.

In general, the members of the race are energetic, smart females with a highly human-oriented character who are more easily trained to carry out moves than most races, and are more likely to benefit from human-mediated activity such as running on a belt and line and playing fox. 4 ] They are regarded as an unusual "talkative" race and often interacts vocal with humans.

Dogs play an important role in traditional folk music. Like in many other cultures around the globe, the cat is often an object of anxiety and suspicion, attributed with various superpower. However, in some Japaneese tales the length of their cocks is an important focus of action, with the Japonese bobtail being considered favorable, while long tail kittens are thought to be necomata, a kind of demon.

The" waving cat" or" welcoming cat", a picture of a Japanese bobtail with a lifted foot, is regarded as a lucky charms by the Japanese all over the globe, who often keep a sculpture of this character in front of shops or houses (usually a stylised cotton, but golden and dark variations are also common).

It goes back to a myth that a man (usually either a preacher or a member of the King's family) who had one of these kittens once stood up and watched his kitten wave to him. The bobtails also play an important role in classical paintings. Hello Kitty is a kawaiian Bobtail and an example of Kawaiian population.

Muta from The Catholic Return was built on a lost Japanese bobtail, who often visited the Ghibli studio. It also appears in other Japanese manufactured animes. Hiro Hamada's Mochi, in the Disney movie Big Hero 6, is also a Japanese Bobtail. "Jap bobtail." Aminoapps.com.

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