Japanese Bobtail Shorthair

Japonese Bobtail Shorthair

Licensed Japanese Bobtail Shorthair Cat Photos. Japanese Bobtail has short-haired and long-haired cats. Longhair Japanese Bobtail Your longhaired Japanese Bobtail. She's got the most adorable short Japanese bobtail!

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Bobtail cats have sleek curves and well-built muscles. When worn normally, the length of the tails is only about 5 to 8 cm. Once the kitten is at ease, the tails are straight. As a rule, the coat on the tails is longer and fatter than elsewhere and grow in all direction to produce the effect of a bobble or hare tails.

Bobtails can be long or short-haired. What is special about the kitten is her cock. Once the feline is laid back and naturally, the tale looks like a bunny, but can be unfolded to a length of about 10 to 12 cm. It can be tracked back to the eighth centuries in Japan, but it was not seen outside Japan until the 1960', when the short-haired bobtails were introduced to America.

Bobtail is a kind and smart kitten race from Japan. It' a pretty chatty race. American Bobtail is known as a sturdy and wholesome race that has lived well into its youth. They are carnivorous and each feline must obtain 41 different and special feed.

As the proportions of these nutritional elements differ according to people' s ages, lifestyles and general wellbeing, it is not strange that a maturing, energy cat needs a different nutritional imbalance than a less athletic older one.

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Recognized colors: Caucasian, monochrome, orange, black, orange: Different bobtail colors from Japan: The following classes and any other color or design or combination thereof, except for colors which demonstrate hybridization leading to the colors: dark chocolate, flavoured or unpatterned premium (i.e. Absinthe ) or these colorants combined with it. "The" patterned" category includes any type of stripes or spots with or without fixed (unmarked) colored areas. creme. rot tobby, braun tobby, blau tobby, creme tobby, silber tobby. braun patended tobby, blau patended tobby, silber tobby. blue-cream.

Bi-colours: creme and weiß. braun blotched and weiß, blau blotched and weiß, creme blotched and weiß, silber blotched and weiß. braun blotched and wei?, blau blotched and weiß, silber blotched and weiß. blaucreme und weiß. Mi-ke Dilute (blue creme and white), Patterned Mi-Ke (brown blotched and blotched redd on white), Dilute Patterned Mi-Ke (blue blotched and creme blotched on white).

Any color except: choclate, purple, fawn. any pattern except: pointed or tickey tobacco alone or in any combination with/without patchweiss, monochrome, purple, red, purple, monochrome, blackware & purple, reds &whites. Tortie: Mi-ke ( "Tri-colour") monochrome, orange, red, orange, tortoise: monochrome, creme. Miscellaneous Colors Massive blues & creme. tabby: ruddy, browns, blues, creams, spotted tabby: browns, blues, other partial colours:

Bi-colors: other Bi-colors: blue- and whitish: darker, bluer, creme, parti-color & white: tortoise & whiter, other tri-colors; Dilute Mi-ke (blue creme & white), (white, dark, tortoise, blue, darker, bluer, darker, red, shadowed colors: smoke: darker, bluer, red, and all varieties thereof. patended colors: Do not accept: purple, allThe colors chocoate and chinnamon, as well as their thinning ( purple and fawn) are not detected in any combination (bicolour, tri-colour, tabby).

Any other colors and pattern will be detected. A lot of whiteness is allowed.

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