Japanese Bobtail Longhair

Longhair Japanese Bobtail

Long-haired Japanese Bobtail has significantly longer hairs on the tail and hind legs (so-called trousers). You may be the Japanese Bobtail! There are some behaviors that make the Japanese Bobtail and some can be very irritating! Long haired Japanese Bobtails have long hair that must be brushed daily. The Japanese Bobtail is supposed to bring luck and prosperity.

Bobtail Japanese cats

In the end of July 2007 I got my first japanes kitten. LOVING HIM!!!!!!! NOVEL RECOGNISTS novel recognists of my team are Dixie (or Mimiko ( "Loolah") as I can!), she is Yo Chan's half-sister and Mimiko (moomoo), who is Yo Chan's daugther. In Japan, the Japonese bobsleigh race has certainly been around for many hundreds of years.

Bobtail has been appearing in painting, sculpture and architechture for over 9 hundred years. Japanese Bobtail is a unique and old race found in Japan and most parts of South East Asia. It has been represented in works of artwork that we know are century-old. Among the more illustrious is the Maneki-neko, the waving kitty, which is a stylised reproduction of a bobtail with a lifted foot.

Bobtail is an energetic cattery. They got an 911 call three nights later -- We loved her, we loved her, we loved her, she was freaking us out, we must have someone else. Japonese Bobbytails get along well with other kittens. Sometimes two women babtails determine that they must be the dominating kitten, and disputes will break out until one or the other (or the owner!) gives in.

Other people have said that a group of Bobtails can have a tendency to be cliquential with each other and to shun other (non-obtail) males. Japonese bobtails that are dauntless get along well with them. As it is still possible to register imported from Japan, the genetic stock is also open to local males. There is a brief cock after which the race is called ( (should not be more than 3 inch away from the exhibit's body) and as unique as fingers.

Bone in the caudal are generally melted (although most bobstails can shake their cocks at the bottom, and some have cocks joined together in one or two places), so they should be treated carefully. There is no other race with such a topology.

They have big sized big ears and an eastern inclination, which makes the kitten an unmistakable Japanese bobtail - even if you don't look at the cock. Japanese Bobtail is considered a semi-foreign race, which means that the whole should be long, firm, muscled, with a small breast but with a certain deepness to the flanks (not tube-like like Siames and Middle Eastern Shorthair).

Whereas the half-long hairs are shed seasonally, the tails should show at all seasons whether it is a short or a long hair. They are both quite water-repellent, so the most hard part of the show care of a Japanese bobtail is to get them moist during the soak! Please click here to view three Bobtail stories.

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