Japan Thailand Map

Thailand Japan Map

See how far it is from Tokyo, Japan to Bangkok, Thailand on a map. An extensive menu that shows you where the authentic Indonesian cuisine comes from. Please contact the Japan Visa Application Center for Japan visa requirements and procedures operated by VFS Thailand. Asian map of all Asian countries with links to Asian country maps, travel guides, destination information and pictures. Political map of Japan and a satellite image of Landsat.

What is the distance between Tokyo, Japan and Bangkok, Thailand?

The map shows the distances from Tokyo, Japan to Bangkok, Thailand. They can also see the distances in kilometres and mileage below the map. It is also possible to enter important locations such as "USA", "Tokyo", "London" etc. directly. In this way, you can see the difference between the two points and enter the position in the local data base so that it is found the next times a user looks for this one.

Please note: For postal code use the space between the postal code, for British postal code use the UK Postal Code Removal utility. You can also use the Measure Spacing utility to determine the spacing between points that are not called. You can use this utility to determine the distances between states, municipalities or communities.

Overland ( "overland" if possible) - Estimation of distances if you are travelling by car or boat. Outputs are made via a measure of distances and also a map that shows two sites and the way between them, as the airline and the ground itinerary.

Japan Visa Application Centre Bangkok Thailand


Embassy of Japan in Thailand is proud to announce the opening of the Japan Visas Application Centre (JVAC) of VFS (Thailand) Limited in Bangkok. This website provides information on the procedure for applying for a Japanese visas. Effective August 4, 2010, the Japan Visas Application Centre in Bangkok will receive and hand over Japan visas from general petitioners.

JVAC will gather the requests, accrued charges and supply services for all general requestors through select Thailand Post Intake Centres in 11 counties throughout the state. Currently there are in Phuket Post Office, Sri Racha Post Office, Phra Nakhon Sri Ayutthaya Post Office, Rayong Post Office, Nakhon Ratchasima Post Office, Phitsanulok Post Office, Khon Kean Post Office, Ubonratchath, Phetchaburi Post Office, Suratthani Post Office, Hat Yai Post Office.

In addition, the Embassy of Japan will receive requests from holder of expatriate and formal passports and from applicant travelling to Japan in case of emergencies or applying for a visas for the change of a granted one.

Candidates resident in the 9 Northern ProvincesCandidates resident in Chiang Mai, Phayao, Mae Hong Son, Lampang, Lamphun, Phrae, Chiang Rai, Nan or Uttaradit can only submit applications to the Consulate General of Japan in Chiang Mai. Arrangement for visa waiver for Thai nationals: The Japanese government has already indicated that Thai citizens travelling to Japan for a brief time ("no more than 15 days") will be exempt from the visa requirement from 1 July 2013.

Counting 15 days without a Thai passport. Arrival in Japan on December 1 at 6:00 am. Arrival in Japan on December 20. Please do not hesistate to contact the Japan Visas Application Centre or the Embassy of Japan in Thailand if you have any queries. A number of Japan has concluded agreements with certain jurisdictions and territories on exemptions from the requirement for visas.

Citizens of these lands and territories do not need a visas to travel to Japan if the purposes of their visits are commercial, conferences, tourism, visits by family members or boyfriends, etc. If, however, citizens of these counties or territories make use of remunerated service in Japan or if the length of residence is longer than the time limit specified in the agreement, a permit must be applied for before entering Japan.

Click here to find out more about the VWPP. Potential Applicant For those who wish to request a permit, please review the information on this website with caution. As a result, the risk of your job applications being fragmentary or taking longer to process is reduced.

You should always submit a personal application for a Japanese passport through your sales rep or your local tourist agency. If, however, you fulfil one of the following conditions, you can ask a member of your local sales force, a member of your relatives or a courier to send you an application on your name. A traveler travelling as part of a group trip organised by one of the tourist agents listed at the Embassy.

6. For those who possess a diplomat's or formal identity card * All applyers who wish to obtain a Japanese visas also require the full power of attorney. Other: 1. if no visas are issued, we are usually unable to inform the person or entities in question of the reason.

The JVAC will not admit another request from the same claimant within 6 month of the date of rejection. We strongly advise you NOT to buy your airline tickets before you actually receive a Japan travel permit (except for a temporary visa). Fares and other expenses are NOT our responsibility in case of rejection of the visas.

Stage 5: Submitting your application: You should always send your personal job applications. If, however, you fulfil one of the following conditions, you can ask a representative, a member of your household or a courier to send you an e-mail on your name. 4th Those who are travelling as part of a group trip organised by one of the tourist agents listed at the Embassy.

If an agent applies on your behalf, you must present a power of attorney. Your agent must also present your identity document or pass when you contact the embassy or identity verification center. Please indicate information about the representative: 6. the visa will not be issued if falsified or falsified documentation is presented.

Providing sufficient documentation does not, however, ensure the issue of a visas. The Japanese Embassy will retain all documentation presented to us. Please check the[Security Notice] before visiting the Visas Center. To find out the adress, opening times and public HOLIDAY, visit[CONTACT].

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