Japan Embassy Yangon

Embassy of Japan Yangon

Japanese Embassy in Yangon, Burma (Myanmar) address, phone number and email address. Here you will find information about the Japanese Embassy in Yangon, Myanmar, including address, telephone, fax, e-mail, office hours, website and ambassador. The Embassy of Japan in Myanmar. Embassy of Japan in Yangon, Myanmar. Please contact the Japanese Embassy in Yangon.

Japanese Embassy in Yangon, Myanmar

Visas section: Japanese Visa Types: Japanese Embassy in other countries: You can find Embassy of Japan, Consulate of Japan, Consulate General of Japan in other country addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail, Japan Visa, passport issues and more via the below links. Are there any problems / complaints with getting to the Japanese Embassy in Yangon, Myanmar adress or telephone number?

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Japanese Embassy in Myanmar

The Embassy of Japan in Yangon offers a comprehensive array of consulting and consulting activities for Myanmar's residents, locals, Japanese residents and foreigners. Myanmar's Embassy in Yangon provides support to Myanmar's people through its diplomatic services: National passports and visas are only available to residents of Japan and Myanmar.

It can take several months for a person to obtain a valid Japan residency permit. Please consult the Embassy of Japan in Yangon if you have questions regarding visas and passports. The Embassy of Japan in Yangon is the only embassy of Japan in Myanmar. The Embassy of Japan in Yangon is represented by one of Japan's 152 consulates and embassies around the globe.

The Japanese Embassy in Yangon is represented in Myanmar by one of 33 international consulates and missions.

Japanese Embassy in Yangon, Myanmar, Japan Visum Yangon, Japan Visum Requirement

Obtaining a Japan Visas in Yangon, Myanmar: The majority of respondents are required to obtain a residence permit before they visit Japan. If you are interested, you can submit your visas directly to the Japanese Embassy in Yangon or on-line. Review all Japanese language visas requirements: Prerequisite for applying for a Japan visa: Copy of the enrolment document of the education establishment at which the student wishes to attend.

Expenses of the Japan visa: All about Yangon, Myanmar from Japan. What is the duration of a Japan Visas: Do you need a Japan Visas? Dual travel visas for up to 4 month. Students visa: A 1 year visas. What is the direct flight from Japan to Yangon, Myanmar? Perhaps this is not accurate information for Embassy of Japan in Yangon, if you know about information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for this updated.

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