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JAL - Japan Asia Airways was founded in 1975 as a 100% affiliate of JAL - Japan Airlines to serve Japan and Taiwan (Republic of China). Under the terms of an arrangement between Japan and China (People's Republic of China), the airline is only allowed to travel to continental China if it discontinues its flights to Taiwan.

This was immediately terminated after the April 1974 treaty, but JAL through Japan Asia started the interrupted connection and opened a line to Taipei in September 1975. As Taiwanese planes were permitted to operate in China, a new treaty between Japan and China made Japan Asia Airways unnecessary and from April 2008 JAL took over the Japan Asia flights.

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ANA to Taiwan; Japan Asia Airways discontinues operations

Chinatime's report, submitted on 26OCT07, allows the review of the recent Japan-Taiwan ANA and JAL bi-lateral aviation agreements to run the Taiwan flight services under its own name, which was the Big-2's primary motion in the last review. The JAL affiliate Japan Asia Airways/JAA will thus discontinue operations after 32 years.

This agreement also covers all of Taiwan' s airlines will be able to provide charters to Japan, 5. liberty between Osaka and 1 point in the USA for Taiwan' s airline. JAL Group was founded in 1975 under Chinese policy pressures to secure its present in Taiwan while flying to China.

Since 1994, ANA has used its German affiliate Air Nippon/ANK for its services in Taiwan.

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