Yanakpur is a city in Nepal, near the Indian border, which is considered the birthplace of the goddess Sita and the place of her marriage to Lord Ram. Yanakpur Nepal, place of birth of Sita Wander through the old Mithila hometown to see Terai civilization in the south of Nepal and see the Ram Janaki temple in the centre of the town, alluding to the Hindu epos Ramayana. Ramanayana, the place of birth of Sita, his wife. Since Ram is considered the reincarnation of Lord Vishnu, Sita is considered the reincarnation of the goddess Lakshmi according to the great Hindu epos Ramayan.

Janakpur is also thought to have been the place where Lord Ram and Sita got together and were intermarried. Yanakpur also lies on the sacred parikrama (holy circle) path, which is performed by the Hindus in India as a way of adoration in Ayodhya, Kashi and Brij.

Dhanushadham is another important near place of worship whose references go back to the Ramayan age. Supposedly it is the place where the shattered remnants of the Shiva arch of God came down after Ram fractured it to get Sita's hands in it. There is supposed to still be a petrified fragments of the fragments here.

There are: sacred visits, luxuriant environments with woods and forests, semi-rural charms of the Terai outskirts and the colourful Maithali arts and people. Various ethnical groups are living in the county of Ghanusha. Maithal is the centre of the Maithal civilization, which is why the Maithal arts and civilization are dominant in this area.

At Dhanusadham you will find the Dhanusha and Janakpur districts. The distance from Janakpur to Kathmandu is about 390 km and 10 hours by car. Busses to Janakpur Downtown go from Central Bus Station, Gongabu in Kathmandu. From Kathmandu you can also take a 40-minute plane ride to Janakpur Town. The 18 km long Dhanushadham is an hour's car ride from Janakpur.

Dhanushadham is served by local transport from the town area. In Janakpur there are luxury resorts with cheap accommodations and catering. There are other touristic establishments available in the town of Janakpur.

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