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Jalingo offers the best services at amazingly low prices. Use the option to make your payment on-line or on your return to any Jalingo accommodation. Jalingo CityJalingo is situated in the state of Taraba in north-eastern Nigeria. It is well linked by roads to neighboring towns such as Wukari and Yola.

Jalingo is mainly a farming community. It is home to Taraba State University, has a marketplace and a public area. Jalingo National Park, constructed in 2012, is home to the Taraba soccer team and has a seating facility of 30,000.

The Sun News: A town under attack by organised thugs

Jalingo, the capitol of the state of Taraba, is becoming more and more a distress for the inhabitants, as gunmen are a great burden on the town. The violence between different youth groups is also a frequent event, while the cases of stabbing, raping, burglary, grand robbery and small-time crime made the once tranquil town look like a town besieged by gangsters.

Incapacity of the police to act quickly has given a new meaning to the evil experiences of the inhabitants, who now live in an outlawed community governed by the outlawed. Particularly worrying is the homecoming of "legalized" and other gunmen at variously named events, some even wear T-shirts, often bearing the name and coat of arms of their groups, under the cover of allegiance to a particular political person or character.

Jalingo, Miss Mercy Victor, a college of Nursing and Midwifery graduate students, was assaulted by crooks in a wretched case on the 3 June evening and was killed two nights later by the wounds she sustained in the assault. State Police Public Relations Officer David Missal, an assistant police superintendent who acknowledged the event, said the case was brought to HQ on Tuesday mornings, but was sent to the GRA police station in Jalingo for inquiries.

"I' m informed that she returned to college on a trike from the city when the event occurred near the State Specialist Hospital, Jalingo near the State Specialist Hospital overpass. It was widely condemned by the public and seen as one too many. We have also learned that there are so many attacks that the cases are just not brought to the attention of the authorities.

Inhabitants of the beloved FGGC street, roadblock, Angwan Kasa, ATC bypass, Mile-6 Bye-pass, Welcome to Jalingo Bye-pass, Mayo Goi, Sabon Gari, Angwan Sarki and several places were attacked. Jalingo was a relatively tranquil city with only occasional acts of violent outbursts. But, like most other states, the 1999 restoration of civilian domination provided a way for the fight for control among different states.

In the run-up to the 2003 parliamentary election, followers of the then regime constituted a group of young people named "Bani Isra'ila", with whom they terrorized politicians. Unleashing all kinds of force, which included kidnapping, imprisonment, arson and murder. But when Danbaba Suntai was appointed in 2007, he forbade the state' s policy brawl (within the Jalingo metropolis) and issued a decree giving the law enforcement agencies the authority to detain anyone who acts as a policy brawler.

But after his unlucky airplane accident in 2010, the subsequent civil conflict resulted in the revival of even more powerful groups. As from 2013, the state' s current government was mainly concerned with the power that was spreading over the state, and little consideration was given to the Jalingo city, which was indeed a shelter.

While much care was taken in the hinterland to re-establish order, a more deadly creature incubated in the city. Jalingo resident Emmanuel Bassey said the arrival of very young people from Michika and other areas devastated by Boko Haram in the area was the ruin of the city.

"Nobody really looked seriously at the kind of person who came to Jalingo at the height of the war. Born in Boko Haram, the young men have already been subjected to harass. It manifests adolescent delinquency, substance misuse, thugs, party and clubs, gaming, sexual harrassment, pickpocketing and human cruelty usually during the evening and at nights, with easily available three-wheelers for portability.

Whereas most young people, most of whom are under 25 years of age, are said to come from four large parts of the Jalingo metropolis: The Mayo Gwoi, Sabon Gari, Sabon Layi and Bakin Kasuwan Jalingo, their acts of brutality characterize most parts of the town. What is worrying is the increasing tendency of these young people to commit acts of war.

Now most of them also move with hazardous arms during the day and seem to be prepared to use force. An easy misconception such as the equilibrium of a three-wheeler tariff could trigger force and the swinging of knifes and other arms by ever more violent horsemen moving with these arms.

However, apart from these secret youngsters, there are other groups who sympathetically associate themselves with those in authority who may not be so frankly aggressive but who also give cause for concern. Of course, there are legitimacy groups of youngsters who want to support their own ideology or candidate of their own choosing, but if members of such groups become more involved with physique and bullying looks and assume the role of safety officials at rallies of fanatic fundamentalism, this will become a cause for concern, especially in a town where the lawless are quickly becoming grounded.

Narcotics are selling outdoors at areas around roadblocks and other places and the safety officials seem overpowered with the job of taming them. Said that several detentions and confiscations have been made, but these troopers' attempts seem to be just a straw on the wall as more and more young men join the traffickers' and addicts' daily cadence.

Haruna Manu, the state' s assistant Governor, told young people during the Sollah to prevent force and to be used by policy makers as a thug. It is imperative that the safety forces, in particular the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA, the Nigeria National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, the Nigeria Provincial and others, strengthen monitoring around the main trouble spots, while continuing patrolling of the streets where these gangsters spend their days on the ground must become the standard to tackle the challenges.

With the 2019 general election preparation gaining speed, it seems as anxiety about the unfamiliar permeates the mood as the stories of angry youth meetings in the streets swing. The Jalingo metropolis's increasing safety challenges must be brought back to the minds of the federal administration and addressed before the town is taken over in its entirety by the outlaw.

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