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For Jacobabad or Khangarh (Sindhi and Urdu: Fribourg and Urdu: Fribourg ????) is a Sindh, Pakistan town that serves both as the principal town of Jacobabad and as the administration center of Jacobabad Taluka County. It is divided into 8 trade union councils. Situated near the Sindh and Balochistan provinces, Jacobabad has become a town on the site of an established town ( "Khangarh") and is traversed by the Pakistani Railway and many of the province's major thoroughfares.

Jacobabad's English to Urdu is known as the city of Jacob, after John Jacob, an East India Company official (1812-1858) and graduate of Khangarh Village of Khan. The Jacobabad has a warm deserts clima (Köppen class BWh) with extreme summer and winter temperatures.

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The Jacobabad County is a county in Sindh County, Pakistan. It is headquartered in the city of Jacobabad, which was established in 1847 by General John Jacob. Throughout the British Indian period, the city was the seat of administration of the Upper Sind Frontier Districts of the Bombay presidency; with a train stop at the Quetta office of the Northwest Line, 37 m. from the intersection at Ruk, on the central line.

In 1847, General John Jacob, long-time commander of Sind Horse, who passed away here in 1858, established the municipality on the grounds of the Khangarh community, leaving a beautiful Victoria Tower in his memory in the centre of the towns. According to the 1998 Garhi Khairo, Jacobabad and Thul censuses, the first of 93% of the region's inhabitants was Sindhi, while 3.6% of Balochi comes from the region.

  • 1998 Jacobabad District Counting Reports. Release of the official German Population Enumeration. Islamabad: Population Control Organization, Statistics Department, Government of Pakistan.

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