This is Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department (JFRD), city councilman. Local news, politics, entertainment & sports in Jacksonville, FL Sunday's crowd shootout at Jacksonville Landing should never have occurred, according to town fire inspectors, who quoted Wednesday night the restaurant for running an unauthorized travel where three men dyed. Chicago Pizza's games room was not part of a city-approved layout, so it was not allowed to host the Videogame competition the marksman took part in on Sunday.

It states that the last authorized floor plan of the restaurants was filed in 2009, but the restaurants changed the floor plan seven years later without permission.....

The Jacksonville Madden shootout can't be fully explained by tactical gambling over there.

Soon after the Jacksonville riot squad gave in to the tired, intimate speeches. In Fox News' The Story with Martha MacCallum, the presenter tried to bind the matches to a multitude of executions. "The Gunned ] spent 12, 15 hrs a day[gaming], as Nikolas Cruz was one of them, Adam Lanza, and now this young man, Gaming," said MacCallum, adding that spending long periods of gambling is a hazard at eye level with tobacco inhalation.

This is the same as the course for Fox, but even the BBC came on stage with a news story that promised an essay exploring the Florida videoplayer driving his own shadowy passion for the world. According both to a resource with EAs' in-house communications know-how, three EA staff members at the Jacksonville tournament were intact but did escape.

Even more worrying is that a tweeting on EA's overall fellowship leadership "will one of these days shake all the crap that Ea[sic] has put in each of us, in your face, in your body. There is a genuine tendency to look at this behaviour and see a direct cause for the Jacksonville shootings.

Certainly the civilization that brings forth these commentaries is a sick one. However, to conclude that this poisoning is a proximate cause of such gunfights would be as false as the blame for the game. By and large, the gambling fellowship has worried; in spite of the shame of the trophies, they have also come together to honour the dead, including EAs.

It was the first such drama at a gambling tournament, and the Jacksonville tournament match was a sporting match, not a first-person shot. However poisonous the major work-related challenges may be, they are not limited to gambling or its civilization. There are two major themes in the behaviour of the guys who have been harassing EA staff: desensitizing these gunfights and the discordant impact of living on-line, where we are singularly isolated from both empiricism and the impact of our words.

that these are the causes of the fire. It is possible and appropriate to examine the social reality of on-line civilization, including its game subculture. However, it is important to recall that these crops are truly international; their differences in Canada, Sweden, Australia and Japan do not create the same endless pest of massive executions that is afflicting the United States.

It is not simple for an average human being to become a murderer, but for the few who succumb to this horrible way of thinking, the most important component for genocide is always the weapon. From a statistical point of view, the only dependable predictors of an increase in armed force are the availabilities of these weapons. This does not take the debate about "culture" off the agenda, but we should move away from lively statements that the cause and effect of these are culturally relevant.

We know the main cause of the US weapons executions - again the easiness with which everyone can get a weapon. However, there are still ways to criticise parts of the game industries while recognising the academic recognition that gambling does not cause force. Firstly, we should be aware that criticism of the "gamer culture" is often primarily the fault of the rank-and-fileers.

In the past EA has proactively fueled a poisonous player besiegement; once it fueled the fear of "censorship" by censoring " Christmas " protest against their own game. That alone will not lead to massive executions. Without exception, part of this lobby must come from the ever-increasing budgets of the gambling world. You crave the day when matches like GoldenEye 007 with tee-off pistols (like the notorious tee-off gun Ken Lobb, which takes its name from Ken Lobb) could make big game.

There is also the greater question of the refinement of force, in particular the permanent depiction of vengeance as the culmination of male self-government. Masculinity means power, a point that is not abandoned by arms producers. The manufacturer of the AR-15 shotgun - the focus of many shooting masses - promoted the weapon with a "Consider Your Man Map Reissued" slogan.

This gets us pretty tidy back to the intro who used the Jacksonville shoot to use EA to complaint about Battlefield V girls, and the larger image whose gameplay is just a comfortable micromosm. Men who committed serial killings (almost all men) are driven by a multitude of different motivating forces.

However, there is one thing in common among so many: hate and a proven record of abuse against a woman - be it her friends, spouses or motherhood, or just chance ladies and daughters who said "no".

Matches, no mischief or violence, will not make a serial killer of themselves. The game is linked to a number of other cultures - religions, parent socialisation, other types of communication mediums - which maintain subtile but lasting prejudices, especially resentments against females and minority groups.

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