The Iwami ( ???, Iwami-ch? ) is a city in the Iwami District, Tottori Prefecture, Japan.

All of Iwami is located in the San'in Kaigan Geopark. A English tour guide through the beautiful region of Iwami in Japan.

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and Iwami ( Iwami, India, Iwamich? ) is a city in the Iwami District, Tottori Prefecture, Japan.... Iwami is situated in the east of Tottori and has a view of the Japanese Sea in the south. Since 1 March 2008, the city has an approximate 12,827 inhabitants and a concentration of 105 people per km². Low altitude hill ocks and hillsides dominate the countryside; most of the built-up urban and housing areas are in shallower areas between uplands.

Uradome Beach adjoins the northern part of the city, although a large part of the remaining coastline is made up of rugged cliffs and small coves. Of these, 15 km, summarized as the Uradom coastline, are part of the Sanin Kaigan National Park[2] The river Gam? flows through the center of the city.

The Iwami is about 30 min by rail from the prefecture city of Tottori City and is the third station by eastbound rail on the Tottori-Hamasaka route. The prefecture and Iwami's twin city Shin'onsen are also relatively close to each other. The weather in Iwami can be very variable, with summers over 30°C in August and minus 2°C in January and February.

While the area is relatively tentatively stabilised for Japan, it is susceptible to incidental typhoons during the tourist seasons. The Iwami also has a local known river source, the Iwai river source. There are also several sea food and economiyaki dining establishments in Iwami, as well as a Family Mart and a Suntopia.

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In the Iwami region (???, Iwami-no kuni), the old Japanese region of Iwami (???, Iwami-no kuni), which is now the west part of Shimane Prefecture[1], was sometimes referred to as Sekish? (??). It borders the Aki, Bingo, Izumo, Nagato and Su? states. During the Kamakura era (1192-1333) the Masuda Klan was part of the Minamoto Klan (Genji) and captured the provincial of Iwami.

First the Masuda family was in league with the ?uchi family in neighbouring Sufu, but later the Masuda family was part of the M?ri family in neighbouring Aki.

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