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The atmosphere in Ivalo is always international and visitors from all over the world flock here. Discover Ivalo holiday and discover the best time and places to visit. Ivalo (Sámi: Avvil) is a metropolis in these latitudes. Avvil (Ivalo) is a city in Finnish Lapland. Big savings on hotels in Ivalo, Finland online.

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Inari Sami: Avveel, North Sami: Avill and Skolt Sami: Â?vvel; Russian: ?????) is a town in the community of Inari, Lapland, Finland, on the river Ivalo, 20 kilometers southwards of Lake Inari. Saariselkä [1] 30 km southwards of Ivalo is a very favourite holiday destination. Many visitors come here every year for ski and cross-country ski, snowboard, huskies and sleigh rides and for outdoor recreational pursuits (trekking and walking in the Saariselkä mountains, kayaking in Lapland's waterways, mountaineering, gold washing, angling, etc.).

The" Mitternachts Sonne " lies from 24 May to 22 July (70 days) above the skyline, and the continual light of day takes a little longer, the arctic nights from 28 November to 9 January (43 days).

Inari Saariselkä - Ivalo

Ivalo is the gate to the north. There is a wide range of angling permits and an aerodrome. Ivalo has an ever changing global ambience and attracts people from all over the globe. Ivalo, the most northerly of Finland's and the EU's airports, receives helicopter charters from the UK and many other states.

It is the administration center of the commune of Inari and at the same time its biggest center of inhabitants, so it is not surprising that the biggest offer of service is to be found here in Nordlap.

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