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The best Italian restaurant for: making friends with the chef. The best Italian restaurant for: Late-Night Negronis in East London. Trouvez et réservez les meilleurs restaurants italiens de Londres. Find independent reviews of London's best Italian restaurants and receive special offers. The best for authentic Italian: Ida.

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When not everyone in your group is on the square (sorry) for an Italian attack, then this contemporary Europe based eatery with the emphasis on "Mamma Mia" is a good choice: British and Franco cheese and cured meats, as well as yoghurt-soaked meat balls of mutton and bulghur enhance the attractiveness of the cuisine. However, it would be a serious mistake to go away here without ordering delicious Italian food such as the Italian style Sirloin Steak Sirloin Steak, the mussels in a' Indian snail stock or the small pancakes with slowly roasted ragout of cattle.

All new vegans menus available! It is the most genuine Italian you could imagine: cold without being presumptuous; excellent value despite its sky-high qualities; with a succinct, market-driven meal that features a wide variety of seasonsal recipes - from home-made linguines in hot venison gnocchi gravy to risotto and rhubarb-filled cannnoli.

It is as important as the meal of Jacob Kenedy and Victor Hugo's persistently famous Soho-Italian. Specialties from all 20 Italian provinces are on the list; the employees confirm reassuringly: "It's so good" to almost everything you order - and they are usually right. This is just an excerpt from a trendy small plate meal with affectionately modernized classic dishes.

If, by accident, you own a villa in this part of the city, you will like this stylish Italian; if not, you will panic about the bill before you get into your first crude. But for your wages, you will get an attentive Mr. Ripley like personnel (with class, not murderous tendencies....) and classical Italian meals prepared with loving care and dexterity - and the opportunity to buy the appearance of other guests as you leave the adjacent mall.

This sweet Italian spaghetti expert does what Franco Manca has done for pizza. If you fainted in front of a dish of spaghetti bole with pleasure, don't miss this place. Our brief seven-star meal speaks for itself: the noodles are hand made every day on the spot and clad with e.g. salmon-carbonara, real posto or slowly boiled ragu with bechamel.

Like a Moschino branded Jumpsuit, this place (a stable mate of Nobu and Chotto Matte) has a look-at-me interior (wavy ceilings, dressing tables, dark sides with light reminiscent of Nespresso machines) that does not satisfy every tastes. So, the meal is relatively weakened (apart from the prices): a luxurious Italian staple diet, from truffles pizzas (£34.50) to ribbed lasagna (£21.50), plus sternal revolutions from the kitchen's pan.

San Carlo is a very good group of restaurants in several respects: it conjures up costly, scenic refectories, provides enough verve to fill them with trendy varieties in the evening, and serves a vast choice of Italian meals, whose price-performance relationship is totally distorted in favor of the guests. In Covent Garden, Fumo's menus are loaded with rolled up truffles - here, there and everywhere - while being laudable.

Il Cudega - a modest Italian opened by two life-long Italian acquaintances from the London countryside under the railroad curves - is simply a delight with its cheap monochrome décor, delicious menu of fine food and a gourmet bar made of high-quality, organic cheese, meat and Lombardy cuisine. The people of the town of Haidney like Lardo for his reduced stile, his kind personnel and his delicious Italian small dishes.

To go with a pork's salted back oil, you can try the delicious, wafer-thin fennel-pollen sausage with your pasti, or try the homonymous laurel on a crispy slice of Lard with googonzola, ginger bread, lemon juice and nuts. Sitting at the snack bars and watching the cooks preparing your order is another highlight: small dishes with home-made pastas and dressings that change every day.

Giorgio Locatelli, one of London's most respected Italian cooks, shows a strong attachment to his country's eating and drinking in his service of charity in Marylebone. Even though the glossy frame is decorated with Michelin stars, the meal here is not pompous - instead, wait for a cheerful canter through the style, region and ingredient (some little known) that make Italian cooking such a delight, each meal being meant to be both enjoyed and anointed.

Italian cooking has two sides, and this high-profile project by the makers of Shoreditch's Clove Club channelizes the Riviera glamor and the primi/secondi decade of those restaurants that are anything but a "lady and the tramp" tramp kit. Isaac McHale's chef's menu is full of surprise thanks to his'British' approach:

Italians who use UK food (remember bruschettas with filled prawn au gratin with spiders or gnolotti with wild game). The Peckham Italian Artusi is too beautiful not to be shared with the remainder of London; too specific to be rolled out as a necklace. You will find the same plain, unpretentious designs, the same willing personnel and the same cuisine: meals full of home-made items (excellent pastas, but also tender risotta and marinated nektarines, for example) that contrast with market-fresh produce, so that even simple-looking meals show astonishing depth.

A must for Italian meals full of strong aromas, this second part of the Apulian gemstone Ostuni. The best regional recipes are presented, among them the famous never-ending pancakes, the pig bomb filled with capicavallo, the oven noodles in rich sauces and the daring, fruitful (and valuable) horses. Unless you come to Puglia immediately, you will be convinced by the genuine appearance of the restaurant and the cordial welcome by the personnel.

The slender, fast noodle stand (and the Trullo siblings from southern London) makes meals small enough - and from £4 per dish it' s inexpensive enough - to spoil you a little. On the regular changeable menue of the classical noodles and less stained kinds you will find tagliari (thin tagliatelle) with shrimps, citrus and chili and piki (fat spaghetti) with caccio en pepe (literally chees and pepper), while Trullo's characteristic eight-hour steak ragout is an integral part.

Polpetto's own long, bright restaurant with its careful personnel is the supply of the Polpo chain: more roasted snacks, pizzettes with high quality raw materials, tender but savoury lettuces and tough coctails. With Bocca di Lupo's creative work and Morito's cross-border merger, what do you get when you draw your eye to the River Café's components?

Whether you prefer Italian favourites such as silky papardelle with full-bodied ragout of rabbit or slowly marinaded himichurri bavetteak, the Shoreditch small platter is the perfect meal from the first to the last morsel. This exquisite, welcoming room is the scene for a meal that the great Italian classic dishes have really done well - think of crunchy roasted scoops of sweet pizza, the common pizza and the humble, tasty Milanese chickens.

The Star -Turns also includes more extraordinary noodles such as spaghetti with spaghetti and sword fish and each of the desserts with Nutella (obvs). Featuring appetizers from 20-£30, main courses from 40 and wine to swallow before you take a drink, this London western'café' is still a venue for events. Flavours are seasonal: zucchini blossoms, courgettes and peppers in spring and autumn, or slowly boiled pheasants and ragout of fennels in spring and autumn.

The Roma has abandoned the trash speciality restaurants in favor of a more refined version of antique Rome cooking. Among the meals are the portion of sausages in the form of banquets, salami, dried cod (cooked in grape leaf for special succulence) and sweets prepared according to old Rome style sauces. Cardardelle with slowly boiled ham ragout (since the early day a basic food) is still a strong, powerful pleasure; further high points of the menue are whole mackerels from grilled charcoals with grilled cheese and pink sautéed salt and saisonal fruits cakes from loose and almonds to amalgam lemons.

They get the Salt Yard Group to open one of their ingenious little restaurants in the crowds of tourists and, hey presto, they have a good getaway from Dante's inferno. Like Dehesa, this brother and sister of Italian-Iberian wardens, specializes exclusively in Venice cooking, and there is much to love: saffron-colored big olives with shrimps and tomatoes, barbecued squid with peppers and polenta, as well as tasty Veneto wine and the exquisite appearance of the dinning room.

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