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In order to support our clients, we have a strong Myanmar practice with a team of dedicated lawyers and advisors with a continuous active presence in Myanmar. The Burmese cuisine has a wonderful mix of cultures - a mixture of local Burmese dishes, mon, Indian and Chinese influences. Myanmar's dominant religion highlights. In spite of extensive criticism of this constitution for its. Health and vaccination counseling for Myanmar (formerly Burma) education in Burma.

Yangon's Springtime IT in Myanmar

More than 5,000 developer and blogger met on February 11 in Yangon, the capital of Myanmar, one of the most technology-enthusiastic places in the atlantic. The Myanmar administration is continuing to amaze the rest of the planet with its new attitude to changes. Burma has reduced its firwalls and opened the way to Facebook and Twitter as well.

You can view your favorite newspaper on-line or talk to your friends and families abroad on Skype. Although the state now recognises the importance of an IT sector for the economy, much still needs to be done. Very few in Myanmar have a computer and only a few can pay for the kind of connection that is common elsewhere.

$700 will be returned to you with a single cell phonecard. Governments face a flood of suggestions on how to reduce the costs of cell telephones and establish datacenters to be able to compete with those in India and the Philippines. Recently a call center has been created and there are even on-line shops.

The on-line transaction is due to begin before the end of this year: the structure is in place and a payments union is underway. But despite these reassuring signals of liberalization, no one is expecting Myanmar's cyberawakening to proceed at a pace that is fast enough for it.

In Myanmar, 19 killed in Myanmar raids.

Approximately 100 Ta'ang National Liberation Army combatants assaulted Muse at 5:15 a.m. in the city of North Myanmar on the Chinese frontier, said spokesperson Zaw Htay in a Facebook mail. The dead included a policeman, four frontier soldiers and civil men, Htay said, referring to preliminary accounts.

Twenty nine others, 20 of them civilian, were wounded. It is the latest fatal dispute in a decades-long dispute between rebel groups and the Myanmar administration. One of more than a decade of militarized groups that have fought the Ta'ang National Liberation Army for more independence.

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