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Myanmar Isp

This page provides a list of ISPs offering Internet access in Myanmar, ranked by the highest download speed. The activities are coordinated by Prof. Kalyar Thwe. Average connection speeds for Myanmar Broadband Telecom Co. Mr U Aung Thu Nyein, Director of Communications at ISP-Myanmar, said: Burma Limited is an Internet Service Provider operating in Myanmar.

Closing the digit gap

For more than 25 years, AsiaSat has been Asia's leading global provider and pioneer in the further development of avionics. Obligated to offer the highest level of service and technological expertise, always anxious to enhance the service to clients. no. 56 1re étage, 30e rue, 6e quartier, canton de Pabedan, Yangon, Myanmar.

The strengths of IP network design and systems integration are appreciated by industrial companies and end users worldwide. Our engineers and services teams are fully trained to work with international suppliers and develop the latest technology and tooling to guarantee the continued successful completion of their specific project for us and our customers.

We are a diverse technology and infrastructure service company with a focus on telecommunications. It provides networking service to telecommunications operators, OEMs and tower companies. Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, Hughes is the world's largest supplier of home and business satelite wideband, providing cutting-edge networking technology, management and enterprise and government communications products and systems.

With over 1 million HughesNet customers in North America starting in the second quarter of 2014, HughesNet is the fastest satelite Web services on the market and offers for every budge. Hughes is based outside Washington, D.C., in Germantown, Maryland, USA, and is a fully owned affiliate of EchoStar Corporation (NASDAQ: SATS), a world leader in the provision of satellites and broadcast TV services.

No. 126/1B, ground floor, 51st Street, Yangon, Myanmar. MPT is the first and foremost Myanmar telecom operator to offer both landline and wireless communications solutions to individuals and businesses in Myanmar, with over 20 million subscribers. We have been committed to the advancement of Myanmar's telecom industries for over 130 years.

Today we run a country-wide grid with both 2G and 3G technology. Ooredoo, the carrier that brings crisp calling and high-speed web to Myanmar. The Ooredoo Group is a community-based company with a sense of corporate citizenship and a sense of duty to its clients to help the local community develop socially and economically.

192, Kaba Aye Pagoda Road, Bahan Township, Yangon, Myanmar. The TM Forum is the worldwide trade organization that promotes cooperation and joint solutions to help maximise the commercial performance of professional communicators and distributors. It is our mission to help CSPs and their vendors to change and develop their businesses and products electronically in the next years.

We' re doing this by offering an open, collaboration and hands-on assistance that allows businesses and vendors to quickly transition their businesses, IT assets and assets to take advantage of the opportunity offered by a fast moving virtual age. The Myanmar Fiber Optic Communications Network Co Ltd (MFOCN) has received the Network Facilities Service (Class) license and MIC approval to establish and maintain a national communications network in Myanmar.

MFOCN is also the first overseas communications infrastructures provider in Myanmar, and our missions are to deliver a state-of-the-art communications networks that reach every part of the nation so that all regions/states have the same accessibility, even in areas with low densities. 12 Bldg, 2th Flr, MICT Park, Hlaing Municipality, Yangon, Myanmar.

No. 124, Ground Floor, Boulevard 51 ("Central Block"), Pazundaung Municipality, Yangon, Myanmar. SEDA has pledged to provide a quick and dependable web site in Myanmar. It is backed by both on-premise IT experts and global network partnerships, among them Unified Communications with over 10 years of expertise in the delivery of high-speed satellites and Wi-Fi to the most demanding sites in New Zealand.

2 Aung Min Khaung Street 2, Kamayut Township, Yangon, Myanmar. Our goal is to be the supplier for the state. Giving our affiliates the opportunity to improve their level of customer care and the choices made available to the fellowship. Cisco' ecosystem of affiliates can offer an end-to-end end-to-end solution, which ranges from global & domestic connections, backed by our VSAT capabilities, portable roof aerials and carrier-neutral voice over IP, to a wide variety of Oracle Gold Certified products and solutions.

This is one of the biggest private, diverse groups of enterprises in Myanmar and has a key tenet for empowering the nation and its population. Since it has its origins in a small company, the key assets of the company are incorporated into the company assets. Myanmar is the premier non-profit organisation in Myanmar and has been honoured for its CSR outreach.

Kanbawza Group (KBZ) is comprised of sector leader in the fields of Mines, Banks, Finances, Aviation, Insurances, Production, Agriculture, Property, Commerce, Health Care, Travel, Hospitality and now alsoTechnologies. The most important financial investments include: KBZ Bank, I-KBZ, Air KBZ, KBZ SC, Myanmar Airways International, The Kempinski Hotel (NPT) and The Brighter Future Myanmar Foundation.

More than 2 million clients, more than 400 stores in every community national.

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