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TMSS contract signed between BAE Systems and Íslandsflug Filton, UK-based BAE Systems Aviation Services has entered into a TMSS (Total Maintenance Support Solutions) contract with Iceland-based Icelandic airline Icelandic airline Iceland. Under the terms of the contract, the company will provide technical services and component support for an A310-304F cargoer. Íslandflug will be chartering the plane from different sites as needed.

TMSS's flexibility provides the ideal solutions for this kind of operations and allows Íslandsflug to focus on operating the plane, while TMSS provides engineering and components assistance in servicing. First BAE Systems Aviation Services designed the TMSS services to comprehensively assist the Airbus operator, now the services have been expanded to Boeing airplanes.

In essence, TMSS is a business continuity services that leverages business assets to provide a truly streamlined and cost-effective way for carriers to provide their services. This year BAE Systems Aviation Services is the world's biggest supplier of Airbus A300B4 cargo handling equipment. With a headcount of approximately 100,000, BAE Systems has a turnover of approximately £12 billion.

The BAE Group develops and produces aerospace equipment, radars, avionics, communication, electronic equipment, missile guidance and a number of other defense equipment.

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