Islands South of Myanmar

South of Myanmar islands

The top islands of the Mergui Archipelago. The Maungmagan Kynn Archipelago. Mergui Archipelago (also Myeik Archipelago or Myeik Kyunzu; Burmese: ??

???????????) is an archipelago in the extreme south of Myanmar (Burma) and belongs to the Tanintharyi region. Myeik (or Mergui) Archipelago is located in the Andaman Sea off the coast of southern Burma. Sightseeing to the central market of Mawlamying, then drive to BILU Island.

Mergui Archipelago Top 10 Islands

Aka the Mid Miscos, these islands are located at the northernmost point of the archipelago, off the coast of Maungmagan Beach. The islands are not part of the Mergui area and are open to the public. From Maungmagan Beach it will take just over two hour to reach the islands.

Most of the islands are surrounded by jungles and have a cliffy coast with some small sand shores on the southeast side. The islands have no board or lodging, so only day trips are possible here. Busby is the heart of the Mergui Archipelago.

When your purpose to come here is to get away from everything on your own little sandy beaches from anywhere, then you won't appreciate anywhere more than this isle. Beyond the customary on board switching system in the group of islands about as far south of Myeik as possible in the northern clusters of this is really the epicentre of escape.

It has a very large bay to the south and a breathtaking sunset sandy beaches to the south. The east side of the archipelago is home to a small number of Burma's fishermen towns, while the northwest offers a wonderful 4km long sandy shore with dramatic sundowns.

It is also the biggest of the islands in the South. There is a village on the north end of the isle where a number of Moken (sea gypsies) were compelled to choose rural life. The fauna is abundant, among them barks of stags, wild limas, fruit bats, foxhounds, hornbill birds, leather tortoises, phythons and two large infamous cattle.

A small unnamed islet that has quickly made a name for itself with some of the best archipelago shores and a wide range of flat snorkelling opportunities. Hometown of the Andaman Resort, currently the only lodging in the Mergui Archipelago. Eco is located in a large cove in the south of the isle.

There are also hiking trails on the islands and it is possible to walk to the top of the hill behind the cove, make sure you take your cameras with you as the view from above is no less stunning.

is a small islet 40 min from Kawthaung in southern Myanmar. The Andaman Club and a number of travel agencies provide kayaking and snorkelling trips to the Isle. It is also home to a Flying Fox populace that can be a fantastic view, flapping from the treetops when it goes hunting in the afternoons.

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