Island of the Blue Dolphins Fiction or Nonfiction

Isle of the blue dolphins fiction or non-fiction

Iceland of the Blue Dolphins started a trend in O'Dell's work to tell fictional stories that are essentially based on a true story. The genre, called historical fiction, usually uses a real person or event to inspire a fictional story. The paired set, together with a comprehensive learning guide, inspires students to think critically with paired fiction and factual texts. Distinctions How they resemble each other.

Blue Dolphin Island: Genre, Writer & Facts

Scott O'Dell's'Island of the Blue Dolphins' is the tale of a beached young woman who had to live on an island off the California state. Let's take a look at O'Dell, the type of novel and the real history that inspires it all. Scott O'Dell (born Odell Gabriel Scott -- he altered it when a publishers misprinted it on one of his books) was borne in Los Angeles in 1898 when it was still quite an underdevelopment.

O'Dell's textbooks all cover the California-Mexico region, because that's what he knew when he grew up. O'Dell was a military man in both world wars - he entered the army in 1918 and entered the air force for World War II after turning 40. After the Second World War he began to write adult literature and for kids in the 1950'.

Iceland of the Blue Dolphins was O'Dell's first volume for younger people. O'Dell has won many prizes in the course of his carreer. Iceland of the Blue Dolphins won the Newbery Medal, the highest distinction a children's textbook can receive. O'Dell also won Newbery Prizes for three more books:

In the next year, 1972, O'Dell won the Hans Christian Andersen Award, naming it after the renowned fairy tale writer. Iceland of the Blue Dolphins started a tendency in O'Dell's work to tell fictitious tales that are largely rooted in a truer truth. These genres, also known as historic fiction, usually use a physical entity or incident to create a fictitious narrative.

Many younger reading novels are in this category because they are a great way for younger people to enjoy story and literary simultaneously - they can enjoy reading a classical story and learning about it. O'Dell was a historical freak to the quick.

Iceland of the Blue Dolphins is built on the real history of a young Indian, the last of her clan to strand on a small island for many years - more on that later. A further category in which many YA works are written is the educational novel or coming-of-age series. They are not all as tragic as a young man who has been on an island for years, but these stories all show a young character at a turning point in their lives.

Iceland of the Blue Dolphins is a coming-of-age tale for Karana, his protagonist.

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