Also known as Ishigakijima, Ishigaki is a Japanese island west of Okinawa Hont? and the second largest island of the Yaeyama Island Group. Ýshigaki also has the highest mountain of Okinawa Prefecture, as well as various hiking trails in the hilly interior of the island. Okinawas third largest island, Ishigaki Island has many great highlights to enjoy.

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The Ishigaki ( ???, Ishigaki-jima, Yaeyama: Ishanagï Okinawan: Ishigachi), also known as Ishigakijima, is a Japanese-style archipelago situated just westward of Okinawa Hont? and the second biggest of the Yaeyama Islands group. Situated in the city of Ishigaki in Okinawa Prefecture. It is serviced by New Ishigaki International Airports, the Yaeyama's biggest international hub.

Because of its position, Ishigaki Iceland, like the remainder of Okinawa, is politically affected by both Japan and Taiwan, about 300 km off the northeast shore of Taiwan. Yasuo Hayashi, one of the culprits of the sarin gas assault by Aum Shinrikyo, was arrested 21 month after and 2000 km from the place where the crimes took place.

The port of Ishigaki will be extended so that five large Japan Coast Guard vessels can be deployed there[3] The JSDF is also considering the use of short-range anti-ship missiles[4] (possibly the multi-purpose missile system 96 ) on the Isle.

Since 1972, China (People's Republic of China) and Taiwan (Republic of China) have been questioning Japan's supremacy over these Senkaku islands, and with greater severity since 2012. Ishigaki' s cooking is very different from that of the Japanese continent. Because of the relatively warm climate of the ocean and the various cultures, eating in Ishigaki is more meat-centered than in the whole of Japan.

From Ishigaki Bay, seen from the Southern Gate Bridge. Ishigaki has a tour leader for Ishigaki.

Okayinawa travel guide: Island of Ishigaki (Ishigakijima)

Ýshigaki Iceland (???, Ishigakijima) is the principal isle of the Yaeyama Islands and the transport centre of the area.... Japan's most southern town, Ishigaki is the only Yaeyama Islands metropolitan centre and home to the region's largest airfield and terminal, as well as many of Japan's top hotel, shopping, restaurants und bar....

There are several beautiful sandy areas in Ishigaki and good snorkelling and scuba dives in the area. Snorkelling can be practised on almost every shore on the islands, while scuba-dipping is available through the various diver stores with trips for all abilities. When scuba-diving you should see the island's famous Mantas, which gather in large numbers around Manta Scramble near Kabira Bay.

Although the streams of Ishigaki are not quite as rugged as those of Iriomote, they also provide a jungle-like landscape and can be explored by canoe. Ýshigaki also has the highest peak of Okinawa Prefecture, as well as various footpaths in the rolling inland of the isle. There are both sand dunes and cliffy shores with small stretches of whitened reefs.

You can swim on the beach (best at high tide), snorkel, dive or just lie in the beach in the middle of the day; and while the beach is open all year round, it is best from April to November when the ambient temperatures are constantly above 25º. As a rule, the beach has amenities such as shower rooms, toilets and hire stores; however, there are no life guards and services may be shut down outside the sommer.

Always watch out for powerful current that you can draw into the ocean and for toxic animals such as Habu shrimps, a kind of pest shrimps that are most common from June to October. English language signage informs about the hazards, while some sandy areas have protected bathing areas.

Even though stinging stingrays are scarce, if you get bitten you should put a little bit of pickle oil over the spine, take off the Tentacle and see a doctor as it can become life-threatening if not treated... with some of the best snorkelling on the isle. Most of the shore is lined with whitish bits of sea baloney and its beautiful dive site provides great snorkelling and scuba dives.

Showers, toilets and dressing rooms are available, and snorkelling gear can be hired from the campsite near by. Water around Sukuji Bay is flat with a sand bottom and offers swim and snorkel, with part of the shore netting to keep divers safe from habitat jelly fish. The Club Med Resort is situated at one end of the shore in a bay along the west side of Ishigaki's tail-shaped northeast nest island.

Located just a few steps from the car park, the campsite provides excellent swim and snorkel facilities even at low water. The largest part of the shore is encircled by a net that protects the floats from habitats. Ishigaki Island is the most densely populated of the Yaeyama Islands, but there is still a great deal of natural beauty to do.

Besides snorkelling and scuba-dive along the island's shores and creeks, the inland of Ishigaki offers a variety of activities including tropical woodland, mangrove-lined streams and jungle-covered hills for walking and camp. Kayaking trips are available on the mangrove-fringed Miyara River (not far from the town centre) and Fukido River (near Yonehara Beach).

It is a viewing deck with magnificent view of Cape Tamatori, Ibaruma Bay, the rolling northerly part of Ishigaki and the emerging sea with its stunning sea beds and beautiful sea beds. Hiking routes pass through this jungle of palms, which offers several dozens of species of palms, among them the high, indigenous Yaeyama Palme, a declared nature reserve.

Yaeyama Island has a wealth of heritage and civilization dating back to its integration into Japan when it was part of the Ryukyu Kingdom. Yaeyama Museum shows historic and artefacts from the Yaeyama Archipelago. There will be exhibits of woodcans, earthenware, clothes and utensils, as well as objects from the various festivities and cultures on the island.

Some of the event occurred on Ishigaki. The Yaeyama Islands are the main traffic hubs on Ishigaki Iceland. For information on how to get to Ishigaki, please see the Yaeyama Orientierungsseite. The New Ishigaki International Airports was opened in early 2013 ten kilometres from the centre of Ishigaki and replaces the former international airports as the gate to the isle.

Renting a vehicle is the best way to get to Ishigaki Islet. Every big Japan ese-owned automobile company has a sales outlet on the Isle. The majority of the island's tourist destinations are only a 30 to 45 minutes driving distance from Ishigaki Downtown, with the exception of the most northerly of the peninsulas, whose tip is about 35 kilometres from the centre.

Busses run every 15 min between the main train station and the main train station in the centre of Ishigaki (35-50 min, 540 ken per way), but links to other places on the islands are very rare. The Kabira line links Kabira Bay with Kabira Bay every 1-3 hrs (45 min, 720 hrs per leg), while the even rarer Yonehara line links Kabira Bay with Kabira Beach via Yonehara Beach with Kabira Beach and the main Ishigaki.

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