Is there Internet in Burma

Does the Internet exist in Burma?

As Cihon noted, in some cases Telenor Free users do not distinguish between Facebook and the rest of the Internet. The technology in Burma / Myanmar is changing rapidly. Convenient access to the Internet is almost a necessity for the connected traveller, which we often take for granted. I have experience with the Internet in Myanmar from the perspective of an outsider and an insider. This is an update why I am glad that Burma has little internet access and the digital detoxification I am planning while travelling through Myanmar with my niece.

State of the Internet in Burma

The present paper is part of a journey through the state of the art in Burma / Myanmar. Discover more of this intriguing land as it rushes to meet the technical needs of today's travelers. Please be aware that we revised our Internet connection reporting in this state in July 2014.

Burma/Myanmar's technologies are rapidly evolving. Years of separation from the outside worlds have made up for the loss of human resources and Internet connectivity is advancing rapidly. A comfortable Internet connection is almost a must for the traveller, which we often take for granted. Therefore, we offer a wide range of services.

At one time restricted to the finest foreign hotel and Internet cafés, Internet connection spreads throughout the countryside, at least in many cities (over 5000 inhabitants). When your not, you may be able to find a more elegant café or restuarant with WiFi, and otherwise a more convenient Internet café to keep in touch.

Wi-Fi is becoming the standard, but remember that there are still many Internet cafés that do not provide Wi-Fi, and you may need to connect to your own computer via Wi-Fi if you want to use your own computer. They may or may not be able to help you.

Anticipate paying between 200kyat (~$0.25) and 1000kyat (~$1.25) per hours in an internet café. I' ve been hearing about some cafés that charge a little more for aliens. The Burmese regime, like many other governments, is trying to censor the Internet, albeit rather badly.

A lot of internet cafés and inns work with costly, freshly established DSL-links. Anticipate sharing the call with a couple of dozens or two people in a guest house or internetcafé. The test was carried out in a very quick café in Nyaungshwe (Inle Lake). Anticipate difficult accessing, frustrated loading time, and blackouts that won't allow you in.

It is a land where managerial aspirations are important. I am sure that this is the biggest burden for the WiFi guest house. You may need to use a hotspot if you are connected to an Internet café that uses a satelite link. They may be able to help you, but if not, here's what you need to know if you can make a link but can't access web pages.

It is strongly recommended that you use a virtual private network when you are travelling, especially in a countries where your information is in some way restricted. Burma / Myanmar may face problems with internet and internet banks due to current penalties. Using a dial-up connection, you can safely transfer through another nation and gain secured entry to your Paypal and on-line bank deposits, which would otherwise be suspended or not.

As far as safety is concerned, using a VPN ensures that your information cannot be viewed by others on your common Internet link, your Internet service provider or the state. At the beginning of the year I had trouble connecting to some of my Witopia VPN server, but a fast face-to-face conversation with their supporter and I got to get to know more server that took over.

Spending the whole afternoon reading your emails via a bad internet link in the state. When you have a smart phone, it will probably store your emails for you. When it' done, unplug the Internet, browse and respond to your emails off-line all afternoon, then come back in the evenings to reconnect and transmit what was in your inbox.

When you use a laptop with a Gmail accounts, you' ll need to download and synchronize with Google Offline for Google Chrome (free) before entering the world. You will have instant and easy control over your emails (specific tags and timeframes) that were sent a few days ago or longer. If you are connected to the Internet, your message is synchronized within a few mins.

In the last 6 month, there have been significant enhancements in the accessibility, costs and performance of Internet use. Did you travel in Burma / Myanmar? How was your Internet expertise?

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