Is the Hunger Games Fiction or Nonfiction

Does the Hunger Games Fiction or Nonfiction

Nonfiction is reference works and biographies; things that are not invented. Under the capitulation conditions, each district agreed to send a boy and a girl to the annual television event "The Hunger Games.

"The Hunger Games"... fiction or non-fiction?

She' d just seen the film "Die Hungerspiele" and was pretty angry. Throughout the film she struggled against the need to stop and scream: "How dare we let ourselves be amused by the slaughtering of animals! I' m expecting this show to give us a figural spine in the sides. Hopefully an appreciation of what the Hunger Games say about us will give rise to some fragments of consciousness, humbleness and comradeship.

And I think I am expecting, and I trust. Hungry games take place in Panem, a post-American community split into twelve counties and the capital. The capital's inhabitants are youth-centered, aesthetically changed and consumer-oriented. In Panem itself, consumerism and luxuries have a price, a load that is being shifted to the suppressed wards.

Working with hungry homes in the counties gives the capital's inhabitants a magnificent way of life. Possessed by violence, affluent viewers of the Hunger Games only sponsors hungry fighters when their appetite is dramatically satisfied. Canton embodied in this history is the commune that supplies electricity (coal) to the utility.

Are the Hunger Games pure fiction? Overconsumption in the United States affects the whole world. Heidi Cullen wrote in Weather of the Future about the semi-arid Sahel zone of Africa, an area particularly susceptible to climatic change,"[....] more than 80 per cent of the population lives from the cultivation of cereals and cattle.

When we search the world for areas that are both susceptible to climatic changes and hungry, we find a hooter call in a typically restless area: from the Sahel region of Africa to the Middle East. That part of the world that supplies the United States with the power it needs to survive at such an unparalleled level is immediately at risk from the signs of the effects of climate changes: desert and famine.

The United States has an unfair form of climatic degradation with exceptional accessibility to low-cost sources of electricity and a culture that accepts it. Did consumerists look at the link between excessive consumerism and the horror of global warming that is currently affecting the way our neighbours live?

And I believe, anticipate and hopefully! The Americans make up 5% of the world's total populace, but use 24% of the world's total power. Averages 159 galons of fresh air per day, while more than half of the world's 25 -gallon community live on it. It aims at a group that can see hunger games near home, as the effects of excessive drinking spread to our private sphere and affect our heirs.

The founder of Green School, Bali, described his broken hopes for retirement: "My woman took me to a film, and I really didn't want to go to that film.... and Mr. Gore wrecked my world. And I believe hopefully so. Finally, I would like to address directly those who have been appalled, distressed, disbelieved and nauseated when they read or watched the Hunger Games.... the audience who wanted to make a theatre performance from their theatre chairs.

We should also sense it for kids who live today and are susceptible to our behavioural decisions. While choosing how much we consume and what we feed, buy and educate our kids.... I believe, hopefully and expected that we will think of the hunger games! And if you liked this contribution, you will also be enjoying the film reviews of Mike Adams, the Health Ranger.

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