Is Myanmar Safe for Tourists

Are Myanmar safe for tourists?

Yangon is one of the safest cities in Asia. Myanmar Child Safe Tourism. Department of Hotels and Tourism. The fresh fruits you peel are quite safe in Myanmar. There are many in tourist areas and larger cities!

Are you sure it's safe to go to Myanmar?

I' ve been asked not once but innumerable occasions if a trip to Myanmar is really safe. Thought it was my turn to think about it personally, building on my travels there. Before my trip, my on-line and off-line fans asked me if the security of the land was my desire to go to Myanmar and why I felt so confident about being there.

Myanmar, I certainly had no clue if I was really sure what I had then, was a powerful wish to be in that state. Will it be safe to travel to Myanmar? I' m going there alone for 10 nights with little information about the land. Fortunately Eishel, a Filipino who works as an Englishman in Mae Sot Thailand, came to save me the eve of my departure from Thailand to Myanmar.

After my arrival in Myawaddy, after I had crossed the Thai island of Mae Sot I was received cordially by the immigrant officials, who were all men in a small room. As they were editing my listing, I asked them with confidence if it was safe for me to visit the state.

They undoubtedly said "YES" and gave me words of knowledge and knowledge not to be frightened, because men are ready to help whenever I need something. This first meeting with the Myanmar tribe was an unforgettable one. So why do I say it's SAFER? I may have different experiences from other travelers who have been there.

No, I didn't listen to any nightmares when I was there (except those that were contaminated with foods, is that regarded as a nightmare? My observations show that the places I went (Myawaddy, Hpa-an, Inle Lake, Bagan and Yangon) are absolutely safe. Burmese are the kindest folk I know.

I am very grateful to them for having paid a visit to their land. I' m an Asian with almost the same characteristic as a Burmese, but visibly enough to be marked as a touristy. Like the Filipinos, they like sharing what they have from eating, drinking and checking if I need anything else.

No, I didn't heard any violence when I was there. I' m surprised at how insulated the land is. For example, Bagan is the tourist city I have been to in Myanmar. The people in New Bagan, where I spent the nights, are very careful that nobody makes a lot of noises or excitement about the area.

There are no discotheque and karaoke clubs and no sale and purchase of alcoholic beverages after 10 pm, which is also the case in Nyaung Shwe (Inle Lake) and Hpa-an. Yangon, on the other side, is the town that I could not see well at the end of the day because I only spent one in it.

While we were walking the roads, few were occupied repairing their shops and saw only a few vehicles passing by (yes, I didn't listen to caraoke either). There were travelers or other tourists suffering from grocery intoxication, perhaps they were also desiccated because of the overwhelmingly high temperatures.

I think the dinner's fine. But some of her meals were really good, but some weren't. By my inquisitiveness I had tried her road eating like tofusalate, lamb's testicle with paddy and my favorite dish, which tar htoak or pigpole. Unfortunately, with my FIRST burmesian dinner, the flavorless and boring eating of my own salads, which they were serving, almost made me puke.

Fortunately, I am outstanding all the while, despite the "bamboo salad" that I enjoyed first. Although Myanmar has a potable mineral spring on almost every nook and cranny, they also supply tourists with potable mineral waters, except on coach trips, where they make free potable mineral waters available to all of them. I' ve only come across fewer fraudsters for tourists, which is easy to see from the first interview.

Because of the long stretch, which lasted many long hrs, I took overnight coaches. It gives you the liberty to be yourself when you're out in the countryside. I' ve had the liberty to choose to wear short, regardless of the apparently traditionally dressed clothes of the state. They show the tourists the opposite. I used to pants most of the year.

The Myanmar residents are wearing Longyi for men and woman. Only be careful when you visit their pagodas and other places of interest, as they ask you to adhere to a clothing rule. However, for emergencies and other means to demonstrate that the land is safe to travel, you can use their on-line portals of the state.

Bagan, Inle Lake and Hpa-an also had hospitals. After all, the Myanmar domestic dispute did not interfere with my trip. Tips: Please be a conscious traveller; there are areas where there may be wars with the new administration, where you are in the countryside or do not go to these few areas.

All in all, I still say that it is SAFER to go to Myanmar. Now do you think you're safe to go to Myanmar? This is my own view when I travelled to Myanmar from May 7-17, 2016. It' on the basis of my own experiences, my real observations and my sincere perceptions. Farna is a Filipina who is self-sufficient in her own right, likes to go on her own, but also likes to go on trips with boyfriends and mates.

First she traveled to her own Philippines before going to other lands. It thinks that its immortal desire for study arouses it in a deeper way. She had proved her versatility that this is a real thing. Supporting ecotourism, she thinks that her generousness, her guided tours and shared experience will give value to the up-and-coming traveller.

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